Service-Level Agreement

Service-Level Agreement
MagiCAD Support Services

1 Purpose of the document

This document outlines the MagiCAD software support services description and Service-Level Agreement (SLA), which are provided by MagiCAD Group Ltd, (hereafter referred to as the ‘Service Provider’) to the ‘Customer’.

2 Glossary

Service ProviderMagiCAD Group Ltd
CustomerThe customer stated in the delivery agreement and/or on the invoice
My.magicad.comThe MyMagiCAD Customer Support Portal
Assisted SupportSupport provided by either Telephone or via Web interface
Support RequestA customer-initiated request for assistance with a technical issue related to software licence activation, installation, or use of MagiCAD
ContractSupport agreement
Self-helpNon-assisted support provided to the customer via Assistance is in the form of a software tutorial, discussion forums, knowledge articles, or Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).
HelpdeskThird party 1st tier support provider
Administrative userA person who is assigned privileged user rights to manage the access rights for other people within the account / company to the Customer Support Portal
Portal userA person who has user access rights to the customer support portal
Support ServicesThe MagiCAD customer support team services
Support UserA customer requiring assistance with licence activation, installation, or usage of the MagiCAD software.

3 Service Scope

3.1 Support types

MagiCAD Group provides both self-help and assisted support services. The assisted support service is available via telephone or via the portal. Self-help support services are via the Customer Support Portal where support documentation is widely available in the English language.

Service offering

DescriptionNo support contractSupport contract
Licence Installation instructions, user-manuals, FAQ PDF’s, and Hints & Tips
ASSISTED SUPPORT COVERAGELicence Installation / General licensingAll reported cases
Invitation based. The administrative user right for company administrative user to manager the company’s user rights to the portal
Invitation based. Unique access rights for each portal user to enter the help desk, and send service requests and view the discussion forums
Easy and comprehensive search functionality inside the customer portal
Requesting support or help from MagiCAD and gaining access to Company’s support case archive
PHONE SUPPORT (8 Hours | Mon – Fri)
Standard Finnish office hours, Support offered in the English and Finnish languages between 08.00-16.00 (EEST/EET)
Closed discussion board for Basic and Premium users
Picture 1. Service offering matrix

3.2 Support service coverage

MagiCAD software support covers all MagiCAD products developed and sold by MagiCAD Group. MagiCAD support covers Helpdesk services, on-line support, and support by MagiCAD technical experts. MagiCAD support provides an unlimited number of support incidents for software installation (server and client workstations), basic configuration, and technical queries about the MagiCAD software.

The support does not include training in connection with the operational use of the Software or any other services such as consultancy or content creation for the customer’s business activities.

3.3 Service availability

The online self-help service is available twenty-four (24) hours per day, excluding possible scheduled maintenance breaks. Scheduled breaks are notified one (1) week prior to there occurrence and can be found on the main service page of the Customer Support Portal. The assisted support service is available monthly. However, during the holiday season this service may be restricted when handling niche discipline-specific technical issues. Such issues may require the assistance from a technical expert who may not be immediately available.

The preferred method of submitting a support request is via the My MagiCAD Customer Support Portal, The My MagiCAD service is available twenty-four (24) hours per day and enables a support request to be submitted at any time. When using the online support service, all compulsory information can easily be submitted with the capability to attach items such as log reports and screenshots. Support requests sent via the My MagiCAD portal will be handled according to the normal service hours, which is Monday to Friday between the hours of 08.00 and 16.00 (EEST / EET).

The telephone support service is available during normal Finnish working hours (EEST / EET) from Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.00 and 16.00. The service is not available during Finnish public holidays. The telephone number for MagiCAD support can be found within the My MagiCAD Support Portal for customers who have an active maintenance and support contract and/or subscription contract.

3.4 Exception in service

The assisted service, via telephone or as a support request form, is unavailable during Finnish public holidays or during pre-informed training or maintenance breaks.

The service may not reachable if the telecommunication / Internet provider has issues causing a malfunction. This is considered as a force majeure. If a customer has problems to reach the service on a selected channel it is advised to first attempt to use another channel. For example, if the phoneline is down, to submit a support case online via the MyMagiCAD portal.

3.5 Response time to support request

The Supplier aims to respond to all customer support requests within the same business day of receiving the submission. However, dependent on the time of the submission, some inbound support requests will be handled the next business working day. Submissions should contain detailed information about any error, defect or software issue to support the investigation purposes.

4 Terms

4.1 Support period

The fixed support service period is stated in the customer Delivery Agreement document and/or within the Customer Invoice. The support service period is automatically extended unless terminated in writing no later than 2 (two) months before a new support service period is due to begin.

4.2 Number of users

The maximum number of MyMagiCAD Customer Support Portal users equates to the number of licenses the customer has on an active maintenance and support and/or subscription contract. There is an option to change the maximum number of customer support portal users in a separate agreement.

4.3 Service Provider

The Service Provider shall provide administrative rights to the agreed persons within the Customers’ organisation to manage personnel’s access rights to the different levels of the MyMagiCAD Customer Support Portal. The Service Provider will provide the user instructions to enable the administrative user to perform such needed changes to the Customer’s personnel information as well as to manage the access rights within the support portal.

The Service Provider shall keep the Customer informed of all changes made to the support portal web- address or changes to the support contact telephone number(s). The Service Provider shall also inform the Customer of any scheduled portal maintenance breaks one (1) week prior the planned maintenance break.

4.4 Customer

The Customer shall nominate at least one Administrative user to use the MyMagiCAD Customer Support Portal. The Administrative user is responsible for creating and maintaining the user account access rights within the support portal and to continually keep this information up-to-date.

The Customer shall only use the dedicated support portal channels, as described in this document, to contact the Service Provider in all support matters.

4.5 Support request

Support request channels should only be used to for installation, licensing, activation or usability queries / issues. New features, improvements, or change requests relating to the portal’s functionality which are submitted to the service request channel will be escalated to the product development department and the support ticket will be closed. The portal product development team may contact the Customer at a later date to gather for additional information or details on their submitted request.

4.5.1 Service Provider

The Service Provider shall address all support requests in a timely manner and contact the Customer for additional information or details as required. The Service Provider shall keep the Customer informed of the support query progress as and when applicable. All received support requests are processed in the same order as they are received. Please note section 4.5.2 – Major incidents or emergency cases.

4.5.2 Major incidents or emergency cases

Support cases which prevent the usage of the MagiCAD software are treated as high priority cases. These cases may be caused by, for example, a network license server malfunction, a severe interoperability incident with the MagiCAD software platform or a third-party software.

Major incidents or emergency cases are always handled with the highest priority and will always be forwarded to the best available technical expert within our support team network. In cases where the root cause cannot be identified and a final solution is not readily available; the support service team will do their best to provide a temporary work-around solution to restore the service.

4.5.3 Customer

To ensure a faster and more accurate response to a support query, it is the responsibility of the Customer to describe the issue(s) in detail to avoid any misunderstanding, which may cause delays. The following information should be included in the support submission:

  • A written detailed description of the issue / query
  • Screenshots to support the issue / query
  • Where applicable, provide the downloadable log file report
  • The MagiCAD software version and Autodesk software platform / version used
  • Define the Windows operating system version in use

The support team will aim to get back to the Customer as soon as possible to resolve the query. However, with queries that require the inspection of a customer project file, the support team cannot guarantee an exact resolution time frame.

Project file support cases are often complex and require the allocation of a discipline specific and/or tool specific technical support resource to interrogate the model and resolve the issue properly. Customers are asked to be patient.

In cases where the issue(s) cannot be solved in first contact, the Customer should be prepared to provide additional clarification and/or answer questions from the Service Provider.

4.6 Confidentiality and processing of personal information

4.6.1 Processing of personal information

The Service Provider shall implement the appropriate technical and organisational security measures to protect the Customer’s personal information against accidental or unlawful destruction, loss or alteration and against unauthorised disclosure, abuse or other processing in violation of the provisions laid down in the regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27th April 2016. Both Parties shall comply with the applicable privacy legislation including, but not limited to, the above-mentioned regulation (EU) 2016/679.

4.6.2 Service Provider

The Service Provider will honour the confidentiality of all material and information provided by the Customer within their support request.

4.6.3 Helpdesk

The Service Provider uses a third-party company for its first line of support. The Helpdesk is compliant with the regulation (EU) 2016/679 and will fulfil the same standards as the Service Provider.

4.6.4 Customer

The Customer shall not distribute or use any information provided by the Service Provider to a third-party, or share the information in social media without prior agreement with the Service Provider.

The Customer shall ensure its employees’ consent to adding them as support users to the MyMagiCAD Customer Support Portal. In addition, the Customer is responsible for informing their employees that their submitted support cases are visible for other employees within their company in the portal.

4.7 Language

The customer support service is available in the Finnish and English languages.

4.8 Additional Services

This Agreement does not cover any other support services than those described in this document. All additional services and their prices must be agreed separately with your assigned company sales account manager. Such services not included are on-site support, and customised software training / consultancy on-boarding service packages.