Services Policy

Services Policy – Utilisation and Cancellation

The following policies apply to all customers based in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland who purchase training and/or consultancy services through the MagiCAD Group Ltd company. These policies are clearly referenced in the binding Delivery Agreement document, which is signed by the customer and the customer’s assigned sales Account Manager (on behalf of MagiCAD Group Ltd).

1. Purchased Services Overview

MagiCAD software is sold with a paid training and/or consultancy services package attached. Dependent on the platform (Revit or AutoCAD), the combination of modules purchased, the size of the design team and their level of Revit expertise, a tailored service package is assembled and delivered by our team of qualified MEP Engineers.

Shortly after the customer has signed and returned the binding Delivery Agreement, purchased services are delivered in a structured and timely manner. This is carefully planned, coordinated and managed between the customer and our technical services team. It is important that any software service deliverables are kept on track to avoid a disjointed learning curve for the end users. This will also minimise the time taken for the customer to achieve the fastest Return on Investment (ROI) from the software.

2. Utilisation of Purchased Services

To ensure our customers gain the fastest ROI from our software, MagiCAD Group Ltd carry out a binding services utilisation policy. Purchased training and/or consultancy services must be utilised within nine (9) months. This time period starts from the date the customer signs and returns the delivery agreement, which confirms the sale. Purchased services which remain unused by the end of this nine (9) month time period will be forfeited with no refund granted.

It is the responsibility of the customer to monitor, arrange and ensure utilisation of their purchased services within the aforementioned time period. Services booking requests should be discussed and arranged directly with the customer’s assigned sales Account Manager.

3. Cancellation of Purchased Services

MagiCAD Group Ltd enforce a strict cancellation policy, which applies to any services purchased by the customer. We appreciate that occasions may arise which necessitate our customers to cancel their training course and/or consultancy services due to unforeseen circumstances and we therefore try to be flexible in our approach to each individual case.

In cases where a customer cancels a confirmed training course and/or consultancy services our internal costs and resource allocation are directly impacted. For example, our training rooms, tutors, catering, travel and accomodation bookings. We try to ensure that all parties are not disadvantaged through loss of earnings etc. However, in the event of a customer cancellation, our binding cancellation policy applies and is resolved at the discretion of the customer’s assigned sales Account Manager.