BIM Platform for MEP Products
with Powerful Connectivity

Online catalogue with direct access
to design software

Do you need a BIM platform to market your MEP products? Branded pages in MagiCAD Cloud are a personalized way of showing manufacturer’s own products in a functional online catalogue that is easy to share. It is not only a BIM object library branded for manufacturer’s own use with many functionalities, but also an efficient digital marketing tool that fasttracks manufacturer’s products to MEP designers’ use in a design software.

What is a BIM platform for MEP products?

For MEP manufacturers, BIM platform is simply a collection of BIM products, available at manufacturer’s website. It provides easy access for end-users to manufacturer’s verified BIM objects in different formats. It’s an online product platform where applicable BIM products are easily selected and taken into use by MEP designers and BIM managers.

Branded pages – MEP manufacturers’ BIM platform with powerful connectivity

Branded pages are MEP manufacturers’ personalized BIM platforms hosted in MagiCAD Cloud. Powerful connectivity means that manufacturer’s brand is directly visible in design software and manufacturer’s products fasttracked to MEP designers’ use.

Key features:

  • Reaching designers directly in design software
    With branded pages, manufacturers can have their product libraries displayed at MagiCAD for AutoCAD, MagiCAD for Revit, and standalone Revit. This means that designers can select those products easily into their projects.
  • Specifically designed for MEP
    Functionalities of branded pages have been explicitly designed for MEP. The BIM platform supports technical searches and filtering intelligently even for custom products.
  • Manufacturer-defined product classification
    Manufacturers can show unique product grouping and help end-users to filter and easily find the right products. Product groups are defined by the manufacturer in product modelling.
  • Manufacturer collections
    Manufacturers can easily create and publish their own collections on their branded pages for end-users. This helps designers to use the right product combinations easier and faster.
  • Advertisement banners for highlighting new products
    Manufacturers can add and manage advertisement banners at the top of their branded pages. This is an effortless way to highlight new products or other important updates in the branded pages for end-users.

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