Tailored Software for MEP Manufacturers

Innovative solutions for unique needs

Are you a mechanical, electrical, or plumbing (MEP) manufacturer and do you have an idea for a software? Or are you struggling to figure out how to improve your processes, and ultimately drive business? While MagiCAD Group is best known for the MagiCAD Software, we also provide tailored software for the MEP manufacturers. In addition to Manufacturer Apps, we can create and deliver a wide range of solutions for your unique needs.

We believe in co-creation with our customers. The best ideas have been created by brainstorming and collaborating together with the MEP manufacturers on what kind of software they need to improve their processes and serve their customers better.

It all begins by focusing on the end-users and finding out what are the problems that they face. How can we make their life easier? What would they need in order to design buildings smarter, faster, and, the most importantly, with your products included in the design?

In over 35 years, we have seen that working closely together with the MEP manufacturers can lead to great achievements and innovations that bring competitive advantage. Our long experience enables us to run each phase of the software development project with optimal efficiency. The software we create together can be integrated to ERP or CRM software, and it makes your internal processes smoother.

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Best results in software development for MEP manufacturers with MagiCAD Core

MagiCAD Core is our platform that we utilize to build tailored software on. It serves as a solution accelerator and makes software development significantly faster. Building applications is not only faster but also less risky. MagiCAD Core allows the software development work to focus more on business logic and solving those problems rather than infrastructure.

How MEP manufacturers can benefit from digital transformation

Most MEP manufacturers are already on board with digital transformation, whether it is by providing BIM objects for the MEP design process or by utilizing digital tools. Have you considered where your company is right now, and is there something more you could do to benefit from the digital transformation of our industry?

How MEP manufacturers can benefit from digital transformation

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