MagiCAD Software Support

Customers from the United Kingdom and Ireland who have MagiCAD for Revit and/or MagiCAD for AutoCAD software licences under an active maintenance and support contract have the ability to contact our experienced team of dedicated technical support MEP Engineers.

MagiCAD Group Ltd only handles software support queries for the UK and Irish markets. Contact can be made by using the email address below. Our support department will handle incoming support queries regarding:

  • The download, installation and setup of the software
  • Issues relating to a particular module, feature or process
  • Potential errors in the software

MagiCAD Group Ltd
(please remember to add your MagiCAD company account manager in CC)

Submission Guidance

To ensure a faster and more accurate response to your support query, please ensure that your submission also includes any necessary screenshots and descriptions. Our support team will aim to get back to you as soon as possible to resolve your query.

Please remember to add your assigned MagiCAD company account manager in CC so that he/she is aware of your inbound query. By following the progress of our customer base, we are able to have a better understanding of any potential obstacles which hinder the integration of our software solution into your company design workflow.

Training related Submissions

Unfortunately, our support team is not a training centre. Incoming support queries that clearly highlight the requirement for professional software training will be passed to your assigned company account manager who will follow up the case submission with your company. An appropriate paid software training package will be proposed and discussed to ensure that your company achieves the best ROI from our modular software solutions.