Using MagiCAD’s Routing Tools to Double the Productivity within the Revit Platform 


MagiCAD Group

MagiCAD for Revit


MagiCAD includes an intelligent set of routing functions that simplify MEP modelling work. By automating the routine tasks that are prone to error, MagiCAD enables the designers to model more accurate MEP systems much faster and to reduce the time needed for revision. Lastly, empowered with rapid modelling capability, the designers can more easily test different design alternatives and better optimize the MEP systems. 

The short examples in these videos show how MagiCAD’s angle to horizontal, standard connection and crossing tools can double the productivity within the Revit platform. 


MagiCAD Angle to Horizontal Tool – Comparison Video 



MagiCAD Standard Connection Tool – Comparison Video 



MagiCAD Crossings Tool – Comparison Video 


MagiCAD also includes the following additional routing tools: 

  • Pipe connection for radiators, water points and climate beams 
  • Drainage connection for drainage devices and drainage pipes 
  • Sprinkler connection for sprinkler heads 
  • Device connection for air terminals and climate beams 
  • Under Floor Heating for creating under floor heating circuits 
  • Move/Copy Branch for easy branch copying 
  • Draw Duct/Pipe/Tray alignment tools for easy crossings and smart movements. 
  • Wire tool for circuit wiring 
  • Cable packet routing for cable packet connection 
  • Symbol organizer for organizing symbols and keeping 3D models still.