BIM Guidebook for MEP Designers EN

BIM Guidebook for MEP Designers

In this guidebook, we will explain how BIM workflows help MEP design work during the different project work stages from conception to construction, as MEP design is not, and should not, be only limited to the technical design stage.

The MEP design processes of today employ computer-aided design tools that make it possible to model accurate building services systems in 3D.

But what is the difference between simple modelling and BIM (Building Information Modelling)? And how does this distinction impact MEP design work?

We will also demonstrate how advanced design software, such as MagiCAD, use the data in a BIM model for intelligent digital engineering functionalities.

Inside the BIM Guidebook:

  • From modelling to data-driven design
  • Introduction to project work stages
  • Digital tools for MEP design from conception to construction
  • Enabling digital engineering with MagiCAD
  • Making BIM a reality today

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