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MagiCAD Common Tools Batch manager

Batch manager

Automate the maintenance of your BIM model

  • Save function combinations as batch processes
  • Run saved batch processes in connection with other functions
  • Ensure maintenance tasks are run before saving

Let MagiCAD Batch Manager take care of the maintenance work for your BIM model. Save combinations of selected functions as batch processes. Based on your saved configurations the Batch Manager runs a batch of tasks in the desired order.

The batch itself can be activated on demand or set as a reactive process that is automatically activated when you select Print, Save, Save as or Export to IFC. All configurations can be saved, reused and combined.

If you want to ensure a maintenance task is done before saving – for example, updating and merging specific parameters – it can be done automatically. All you need to do is define what processes should be run, how, and when.