About us

MagiCAD Group is a global software solutions and manufacturer services provider with the mission to help engineering and manufacturing companies create better buildings.

Our flagship MagiCAD for Revit, AutoCAD, and BricsCAD products deliver powerful Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design functions and integrated engineering calculations to thousands of companies in over 180 countries. Our online Building Information Modelling (BIM) object library, MagiCAD Cloud, includes over 1,000,000 manufacturer-verified BIM objects. We have helped 300+ globally renowned MEP manufacturers in their digitalisation journey, acting as the bridge between the designers and manufacturers.

With over 40 years of experience in BIM, our team of passionate software professionals continues to provide our customers with intelligent solutions that make engineering, design and construction management work efficient, faster and more profitable.

MagiCAD Group is a part of Glodon Company Limited.

Executive Team

magicad Jukka Nyman Managing Director

Jukka Nyman

Managing Director

Pauli Keinonen Technical Director MagiCAD

Pauli Keinonen

Director, Innovations, Research and Development

MagiCAD Riitta Korri Technical Director Product Data

Riitta Korri

Director, Manufacturer Services

magicad Petteri Laakso Commercial Director

Petteri Laakso

Director, MEP Design

Kaisa Huunonen MagiCAD People Culture Director

Kaisa Huunonen

People & Culture Director

tero hongisto magicad Financial Director

Tero Hongisto

Financial Director

MagiCAD employee


Founded in 1983 as Progman in Rauma, Finland, MagiCAD Group has a rich history of technological advancements, partnerships, and collaborations shaping the future of MEP design and other digital solutions for the built environment. Our focus on MEP design and information modelling began early on, driven by our passion for understanding what makes buildings work.


MagiCAD workshop

Our passion

Today, our team of passionate software professionals continues to provide intelligent solutions to make engineering and design easier, faster, and more profitable. We take pride in our diverse group of individuals who have contributed to our story and continue to drive our success.

MagiCAD Equa driving sustainability building services design


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The company is engaged in a variety of building, tunnel and R&D projects worldwide.

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