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MagiCAD’s Builders Work Openings toolset enables a BIM workflow with other parties.

The Provision for Builderswork Openings tool in MagiCAD and the free Revit add-in Builders Work Openings ensure the needed communication with architects and structural engineers for provisions and voids for ducts, pipes, cable trays or any other containment that passes through a wall, roof, slab or similar.

The first step in the workflow is to run the automatic Provision for Builderswork Openings tool in MagiCAD that creates provisions based on the MEP project settings. When the provisions have been created, architects and structural engineers can run the free-of-charge Builders Work Openings tool to communicate with MEP designers and to approve or deny the provisions. The Builders Work Openings tool collects all information in a small xml file that can easily be sent back and forth between the stakeholders. When everything has been checked, the tool cuts the holes. In addition, the Builders Work Openings tool automatically alerts the user whenever the size or position of a provision is changed, or if a provision is deleted.

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