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What is configure-price-quote software?

Configure-price-quote (CPQ) software is a term used to describe software systems that help sellers quote complex and configurable products. CPQ software often works in tandem with ERP programs and other business technology, which helps ensure integrated data and its easy management. CPQ tools can be used by internal sales as well as distributors, and they can revolutionize the way you quote and sell your products and services.

Configure-price-quote software can make your sales process significantly faster, more efficient, and error-free. Current BIM tools in the construction industry are only scratching the surface of where the industry is heading in digital transformation. Are you aware of the benefits that digitalization can bring to your business and daily processes today?

Discover the power of CPQ software


Effortlessly configure complex products with visualization of selected options.


Automatically generate error-free quotes based on a set of rules for each product variation.


Generate relevant documentation and empower your sales network with efficient workflows.

Solve inefficiency and boost sales with tailored CPQ software for MEP manufacturers

How much time is your company using on making quotations of complex and configurable MEP products? Is it easy for your sales and distribution network? Are designers using your products in their projects? Let’s dive into the familiar problems you may be experiencing and discover how customized configure-price-quote software can be the ultimate solution.

Problem 1: Inefficient configuration and quoting process
Tired of laboriously configuring complex MEP systems and dealing with designers’ challenges in using your intricate products? Our tailored CPQ software streamlines the entire process, allowing you and your end-users to configure complex products in a fraction of the time.

Problem 2: Pricing errors and inconsistencies
Tired of encountering pricing discrepancies and inconsistent quoting across different sales channels? With CPQ software and its seamless connectivity to other systems like PIM, you can ensure pricing accuracy and consistency throughout all your channels.

Problem 3: Limited cross-selling and upselling opportunities
Missing out on potential cross-selling and upselling opportunities due to limited visibility into your entire product catalog? Our CPQ tool doesn’t forget to offer options. It shows exactly what options are available based on the given parameters, boosting your cross-selling potential.

Problem 4: Lengthy sales processes
Do you have resellers who require sales support for your complex products? By automating the sales process and its workflows, CPQ software ensures seamless collaboration among different stakeholders. Say goodbye to time wasted searching for data; our software pulls information from various sources, making it available to all users.

Problem 5: Inconsistent documentation
Struggling with documentation issues? Our CPQ software seamlessly integrates with your ERP system, eliminating manual data entry errors and ensuring accurate processes. Quotes and technical documents are generated automatically based on templates and configuration selections.

Problem 6: Not being BIM ready
Are you ready to harness the advantages of digitalization for your MEP business? MagiCAD Group ensures your CPQ software is BIM-ready and seamlessly integrated with design software like Revit, enhancing your product’s chances of selection for projects in the digital construction process.

BIM-ready CPQ Software for MEP Products

Being BIM ready adds enormous value to your software. We develop tailored CPQ software that can be fully compatible with BIM, allowing seamless integration with design software like Revit.

MagiCAD Group brings extra value by leveraging our MEP design expertise to develop BIM-ready CPQ software specifically for MEP manufacturers. Stay ahead in the construction industry with modern software solutions.

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