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For over two decades, we have invested in the development of MagiCAD making sure that as a user, you will always have the best tools for MEP design. Each year, we release a new version of MagiCAD and two regular update releases. In the past three years alone, we have issued over 300 new and enhanced features for MagiCAD for AutoCAD and Revit.

Don’t miss out on the new and exciting features

Our developers are constantly looking to add new and improved features to make your experience with MagiCAD outstanding. Also, when you use the latest version of MagiCAD, you are always up to date with the latest industry requirements. Upgrade to the latest version and enjoy the benefits. Following you can find out more about some of the top features and functions introduced in the previous versions of MagiCAD for AutoCAD and Revit.

There are two ways to stay up to date with the latest MagiCAD technology:

  • Purchase upgrades separately when released
  • Sign a Maintenance Agreement with us and get automatic access to the latest version (recommended)

MagiCAD Maintenance – An easy way to make sure you receive the latest improvements

With MagiCAD Maintenance, you automatically receive all MagiCAD updates immediately when they are published. The Maintenance Agreement is the most cost-effective way to manage and update all MagiCAD licenses and software versions within an organisation. When new upgrades are available, you can select which upgrades to install and when to do it. At the same time you save money, as MagiCAD Maintenance Agreement always costs less than ordering the same upgrades separately.

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Benefits of MagiCAD Maintenance

Instant access to the latest features. Our continuous product development ensures that your MagiCAD software is always up to date to meet the latest industry needs and requirements. Each year, we release a new MagiCAD version full of improvements together with regular MagiCAD update packages, all of which introduce new smart and time-saving features. You can upgrade immediately or later, depending on your needs.

Save money and time you would otherwise spend on system administration. With MagiCAD Maintenance, you can focus on your ongoing operations and projects. What is more, you can always trust your tools to be up to date. Because of this, 99% of our customers renew their Maintenance Agreement year after year.

Budgeting simplified. Makes your long-term budgeting easier because the cost is fixed during the contract period. MagiCAD Maintenance is the most cost effective way to make sure your design tools stay up to date with the very latest market-leading technology.

Keep costs down and stay up to date. Using MagiCAD Maintenance always costs less than buying separate upgrades. The Maintenance Agreement can be signed for one, two or three years at a time. With multi-year agreements, customers receive additional discounts and are covered with the latest tools and updates for a longer period of time.

MagiCAD for AutoCAD

A selection of feature highlights from the previous versions


MagiCAD 2019

  • Common
    Upgraded Change Properties tool
    The upgraded Change Properties tool enables you to change multiple properties simultaneously, filter objects more efficiently and select properties faster using free text search.
  • Common
    Using enhanced storey information as part of Object IDs
    New storey variables added. Possibility to use the Storey Name, new storey variables and Selection Area Name as part of Object IDs when defining position codes for devices
  • Ventilation, Piping
    Simulate the operation of ventilation systems
    MagiCAD introduces new simulation calculations for ventilation systems, enabling analysis of actual flow distribution based on different fan settings and damper positions.
  • Ventilation, Piping
    Calculate the time to reach Hot Water Design Temperature
    MagiCAD calculates the time to reach Hot Water Design Temperature at each tap. You can check that the circulation water pipes are correctly designed and that hot water is available from all the taps within a reasonable time.
  • Ventilation, Piping
    Improved calculation options and reporting in sprinkler design
    New calculation option speeds up the sprinkler design process by allowing you to select multiple design areas and systems and perform the calculation on all of them simultaneously. Furthermore, new versions enable you to define custom hazard classes for sprinkler systems which are shown in the calculation report.
  • Ventilation, Piping
    Improvements to data content of the IFC models
    MagiCAD enables you to edit the building and site information which will be included in the exported IFC model. IFC property sets are also enhanced to include possibility to assign property set also for system. New additional properties which could be defined for the property sets include: type name of the device, additional storey variables as well as inner and outer diameter of the pipes.
  • Electrical
    New product class: LED stripes
    The new product class enables the use of LED stripes in projects. The power required by the stripes is automatically calculated based on the length of the stripe. Bills of Materials will include the length of each type of stripe used in the project.
  • Electrical
    Define a value range and validity settings for Running Index
    The enhanced Running Index tool allows the user to define a value range and validity settings, enabling only the valid devices to be indexed from a group of selected devices.
  • Electrical
    Improved tools for designing extra low voltage (ELV) systems
    When the devices are connected to ELV circuit, it is possible to calculate the number of connected devices and the longest branch length in the circuit. Furthermore, host area and host border functionalities have been added. The tools offer user easy way to connect ELV devices and circuits, installed inside the defined area, to the host device.
  • Electrical
    Show more information in switchboard schematics
    In switchboard schematics, you can now insert 1-3 separate properties into each cell in the schematic, enabling the switchboard schematics to contain more information which is synchronised for updates based on the circuits. For being able to add more accurate cable information to switchboard schematics, two additional properties User code and Type name have been also added to the cable data.
  • Schematics
    Synchronise property values between the Ventilation & Piping model and MagiCAD Schematics diagrams
    It is possible to link a symbol in a schematic drawing to a device in the Ventilation & Piping model, enabling property values to be synchronised between symbols and devices.
  • Schematics
    Using same system definitions with Ventilation & Piping
    Drawings done with MagiCAD Schematics can be connected to MagiCAD Ventilation & Piping project. Same system information is available with both tools.


MagiCAD 2018

  • Search and load products from MagiCAD Cloud
    The new version of MagiCAD offers integration with our online product library MagiCAD Cloud. Access to MagiCAD Cloud’s extensive product selection combined with powerful search functions will help you find the most optimal products for each installation easier and faster.
  • Automatic software update notifications
    MagiCAD 2018 automatically informs the user about the availability of important software updates. This makes keeping your MagiCAD version up to date easier than before, and ensures that you have all the latest tools and functions at your disposal.
  • Circuits in communication and data systems design
    MagiCAD Electrical 2018 offers data circuit objects similar to the electrical circuits used with power systems. You can indicate a connection to a host and assign devices to the host through the “Update Drawing Data” function.
  • Improved generation of Reports and Legends
    Predefined selection areas can be stored into the project and used when performing calculations or creating legends. Report and Legend tools offer the “Check duplicate positions” option in MagiCAD Electrical to avoid unnecessary duplicates.
  • Find & Replace for climate beams and fan coil units
    The Find & Replace tool now supports climate beams and fan coil units.


MagiCAD 2016.4 & 2016.11

  • Comprehensive Find & Replace tool for text objects and parameters
    Find & Replace functions which are complete with support for all the text format parameters in MagiCAD. It is possible to replace part of the string not only in Free Text or Memo Text, but also in Part Properties like Uservar1…4, description etc.
  • New quick-start Project Setup Wizard
    Quick-start Project Setup Wizard which guides the user through the necessary steps when setting up a new project. The setup automatically creates the whole project with the required project files, folders and drawing files. User can select from several predefined region-specific configurations.
  • Next-generation reporting tool for electrical design
    There are more report output formats than before, including text file, spreadsheet (MS Excel) as well as AutoCAD Blocks for inserting the report directly into the drawings.
  • Legend tables
    Insert automatically generated, easily updatable and customisable legend tables directly to drawings
  • Verify selected cable type against load current
    Verify selected cable type and protective devices against load current
  • Calculations based on cable weight and diameter
    Calculate cable weight and cross-sectional area for cable supply routes to estimate the fit with the cable tray in different parts of the route
  • Model 3D MEP products with MagiCreate
    Compatibility with the next-generation modelling tool MagiCreate. Model a comprehensive set of different MEP product types. Download MagiCreate from MagiCAD Portal


MagiCAD 2015.11 & 2015.4

  • Main riser diagrams
    Main riser diagrams in electrical design enable calculations on the entire distribution network in the diagram view, from the main switchboard to the virtual load circuits behind sub-switchboards
  • Measurement unit settings
    Possibility to switch units of measurement
  • Project delivery tool for ventilation, piping and electrical
    Easy and efficient project packaging for exporting projects with all the relevant files, including DWG, EPJ, QPD, LIN, MEP and MRD
  • New product class: shunt groups
    Shunt groups for piping design, with support for calculations in the entire system without using open ends and calculating each subsystem separately.
  • New product class: lighting tracks
    Drawing tools for lighting tracks (similar to cable tray drawing tools) in electrical design, incl. power and short-circuit calculations.
  • Duct sizing updates
    Improved sizing options for rectangular ducts
  • Voltage drop calculation
    Voltage drop calculations in the power distribution network, from the three-phase main power supply of the building to all sub-switchboards.
  • Sprinkler calculation reports/printouts
    Sprinkler calculations display both the operating point on the pump curve (i.e. design pump flow) and the theoretical operating point on the system curve
  • Install fire hydrants to sprinkler systems
    Sprinkler calculations in systems where fire hydrants are connected directly to the sprinkler network.
  • System schematics in electrical design
    System schematics in electrical design link and synchronise objects between plan drawings and schematics. You can perform calculations directly from the schematic drawing
  • Updated Standard Connections tool for vertical connections
    The new features include standard connections between two vertical rectangular ducts and duct routes based on user-selected standard angles.
  • Improved ventilation calculations
    Ventilation calculations support static regain method when sizing supply air ducts
  • Improved Project Settings / Calculation Options in piping design
    Sprinkler calculations support friction losses using the Darcy-Weisbach method, user-defined liquid properties, and the average density at the four weakest sprinklers in accordance with the EN 12845 standard.
  • Dim. text formats in electrical design
    Create and edit dimension text formats in electrical design while annotating
  • MagiCAD Plugin Manager
    MagiCAD Plugin Manager for centralised access to all plugins from the MagiCAD main menu


MagiCAD 2014.11 & 2014.4

  • New optimised calculation module for piping and ventilation calculations
    Calculation results are displayed in system-tree format and synchronised with the model, from the root node to individual system branches and to individual devices.
  • Improved storey definitions in ventilation and piping design
    The improvements include polygonal storey area definitions, more options for creating complex models of buildings with varying room heights, etc.
  • New product class: pump products
    Balancing calculations in piping design using real pump data from commercially available pump products. With sprinkler calculations, also the operating point on the pump curve is identified.
  • Improved dim. texts for electrical
    Dimension texts with section views, rounding, formulas and user-selected units of measurement.
  • Enhanced symbol selection in ventilation and piping design
    The user can define any symbols, including product-specific ones, as custom symbols for water and sewer points, pumps and fans.
  • Rotate system branches in ventilation and piping design
    The rotation of entire system branches enables flexible adjustments to, e.g., the position of sprinkler heads if the installation height of the main supply pipe changes.
  • Possibility to copy sprinkler system branches
    Copying entire sprinkler branches with automatically re-established connections
  • Improved sprinkler calculations
    Sprinkler calculations in accordance with the BS 9251:2014 and NFPA 13 standard


MagiCAD 2013.11 & 2013.4

  • Improved Project Settings in ventilation and piping design
    User-defined location for project files
  • Desktop tool for managing projects
    New toolkit for managing and editing project file content without the need to open MagiCAD
  • New product classes
    Fan coil units (FCUs) and manifolds
  • Create Symbol (both V&P and Electrical)
    Creation of user-defined custom symbols directly in AutoCAD
  • MC Room, Project Settings / IFC Import
    Import of architectural elements to MagiCAD Room in IFC format
  • Short-circuit calculations
    Calculation of the highest three-phase short-circuit currents and the lowest single-phase short-circuit currents in the entire system
  • Adjust settings while drawing
    Floating dialogs in ventilation and piping design enable adjustments to settings while drawing
  • Improved drawing of pipes, ducts, drainage pipes and sprinkler pipes
    Optimised drawing and modelling functionalities which make your design workflow faster and more efficient.
  • Improved Product Browser
    Product Browser now displays also manufacturer details for products
  • System performance improvements
    Optimised speed and performance when using projects over network
  • Improved MagiCAD Room
    IFC import of functional zones to MagiCAD Room, legend tool and ventilation, piping and electrical reports and BOMs with selected functional zones.


MagiCAD 2012.11 & 2012.4

  • BIM Collaboration Format (BCF) Manager
    The new project export in BCF file format improves data exchange and interoperability in ventilation, piping and electrical projects
  • Drawing Cleaning Utility
    Drawing clean-up utility for ventilation, piping and electrical projects supports the removal of annotation scales, changing text styles, scaling of line types and Xref
  • Improved Pipe drawing tool
    Alignment settings for pipes
  • Create Axonometric DWG
    Axonometric drawi
  • Set MagiCAD Data to AutoCAD object
    Set MagiCAD Data to AutoCAD Object for ventilation and piping design enables converted AutoCAD objects to be configured with connection points and flow informationngs in ventilation and piping design
  • New Riser option when drawing pipes or ducts
    Riser tool for faster creation and placement of pipe and duct risers
  • Chilled beams
    Cooling beams with both duct and pipe connections
  • Improved Product Data settings in electrical design
    Tele cable connection to electrical devices
  • New parameter in Cable Part Properties
    Possibility to view connection information for cables
  • Electrical system automatically adapts to changes in device positions
    Cables connected to devices will automatically stretch when devices are moved or scaled
  • Improved device installation in electrical design
    Possibility to define orientation, rotation and elevation settings in a dialog when placing electrical products into drawings
  • Create Similar
    Easier creation of similar objects using the new grip function in ventilation and piping design
  • Move objects in Z-direction
    Improved function for moving objects in Z-direction in ventilation and piping design
  • Improved Provisions for Voids
    Builder’s work function retrieves geometries from Xref and handles also sandwich wall constructions


MagiCAD 2011.11 & 2011.4

  • Improved Project Settings
    Possibility to merge groups of data (e.g. pipe series, report templates, etc.) from other projects to your current project.
  • Improved project settings for ventilation symbols
    Possibility to define actuator symbols for duct components, such as flow or fire dampers
  • Improved air device installation
    2D symbol selection for air terminals
  • Improved ventilation and piping calculations
    Pressure drop, balancing and sound calculations take into account connections to bends
  • Insert Substation Product: Fan
    Substations and air handling units (AHUs) can be used as ordinary MagiCAD objects
  • Improved Provisions for Voids
    Builder’s work functions with optimised performance and improved visual representation
  • More flexible modelling of branches
    Draw individual system branches with individual dimensions and configurations
  • Improvements to electrical design
    Improved functions for operation area and integrated text in electrical design
  • Define absolute or storey-specific height level when drawing ducts or pipes
    Improved options for using absolute or storey-specific coordinates while drawing
  • Offset setting for drawing ducts or pipes
    Predefined duct and pipe alignment makes it easy to follow roofs and walls at a fixed distance.
  • Power calculations in electrical design
    Power calculations for circuits and switchboards
  • Improvements to IFC Export with ventilation, piping and electrical projects
    IFC export improvements make it possible to create one new file with all storeys or create separate IFC files for each storey.
  • Duct modelling
    Possibility to split rectangular ducts without a joint (flange-to-flange connection).
  • Improved project settings for duct modelling
    Installation of inner insulation for ventilation systems
  • Device connections using flexible ducts
    Possibility to connect air terminals using flexible ducts.

MagiCAD for Revit

A selection of feature highlights from the previous versions


  • 2019 UR-2 | Common
    Integration with heating and cooling load calculation tools
    MagiCAD enables integration with external tools for calculating heating and cooling load demands. You can prepare an IFC export file of the entire Revit model, perform heating and cooling load calculations in an external application, and then import the calculation results back to Revit. The integration features have been developed in co-operation with EQUA Simulation AB for IDA ICE tool. Watch Video ›
  • 2019 UR-2 | Common
    Update existing 2D symbols and assign 2D symbols to 3rd party Revit families
    You can now replace the 2D symbol of a product that is already in use in a project. Simply open the dataset, select a new symbol for the installed product and click the Update to project button. You can also assign 2D symbols to 3rd party Revit product families.
  • 2019 UR-2 | Ventilation & Piping, Electrical
    New 3D routing tool for Ventilation, Piping and Electrical
    Modelling in 3D has been made easier and faster with the new 3D routing tool. It offers a wide range of quick, helpful, and effective functions for routing work in a 3D view. Numerous short cuts and visual tools will also help to improve 3D modelling productivity.
  • 2019 UR-2 | Ventilation & Electrical
    More flexible installation options for MEP components

    It is now possible to install luminaires, air devices and other MEP components according to the ceiling grid of an architectural model. You can either place individual components or an array.
  • 2019 UR-2 | Calculations, Ventilation & Piping
    Automatic sizing and calculations for duct and pipe segments with outlets
    With a new sizing option in MagiCAD you can now split a duct whenever the size needs to be changed at an outlet. The feature then calculates and uses the optimal size on both sides of the outlet. If the same duct or pipe size is good on both sides of an outlet, the feature will remove the split and join the elements together.
  • 2019 UR-2 | Piping
    Preview your work in real time and save time with new pipe connection options
    The Pipe Connection tool now displays a real-time preview of the piping connection being made. Seeing the connection updated as you work reduces the need to try out various routing settings and makes for more efficient use of the connection functionality. Piping design has also been made faster and easier with several new options.
  • 2019 UR-1 | Electrical
    Perform electrical calculations using Revit technology
    You can perform integrated electrical calculations on Revit technology, complete with bidirectional flow of data between the calculations and the Revit project. MagiCAD includes the Schneider Electric Ecodial calculation engine, enabling electrical calculations, such as cable sizing, voltage drop, and short-circuit calculations, as well as the use of protective devices directly via the Revit project. Watch Video ›
  • 2019 UR-1 | Common
    Generate clash reports in several different formats

    When analysing clashes using the BCF Manager, you can now export the selected or all clashes to several different formats. You can export the report not only in BIM Collaboration Format (BcfZip), but also as a PDF, a spreadsheet or as printouts.
  • 2019 UR-1 | Common
    Define for Builders Work Openings using advanced new functions

    In addition to using fixed offset values, the tool now allows to define segment-specific size ranges to represent the required space around a specific duct, pipe, cable tray, conduit, and fire damper segment. Now you can also select an object from a linked model, a new option which makes it possible to limit the selected area and still use linked models.
  • 2019 UR-1 | Ventilation
    Perform diversity calculations in ventilation design

    Diversity factors for ventilation system enable estimation of what the practical real flow will be when the ventilation system is taken into use. This enables you to optimise cost, energy consumption and indoor air quality. New parameters for MC Diversified Flow, MC Diversity Factor and MC Ventilation Velocity have been added to keep track of the flow rates.


  • 2019 MR | Common
    MagiCAD Clash Detection for live or on-demand clash detection
    The new tool makes coordination between different design disciplines easier, faster and more reliable. You can select either real-time detection while you carry out modelling or on-demand detection. MagiCAD identifies two types of clashes: hard clashes where the elements physically collide and soft clashes where the clash occurs between the clearance zones defined for the objects. Watch Video ›
  • 2019 MR | Electrical
    Summarise power loads from spaces to switchboards
    The power requirements from the spaces can be summarised to the linked switchboard and all the way to the main switchboard. The estimated current can also be calculated for each switchboard. You can also summarise power from extra-low voltage (ELV) devices to circuits, making it easy to check the power load of an individual fire alarm loop or similar. Watch Video ›
  • 2019 MR | Electrical
    Calculate wire lengths based on the model
    MagiCAD enables you to update and calculate the estimated lengths of wires based on the model and include the lengths of the wire instances in bills of materials (BOMs).
  • 2019 MR | Electrical
    Update cable packet data more efficiently
    Cable diameters and widths can be summarised to evaluate the required cable tray width. The Update Cable Packet tool enables several or even all cable packets in a project to be updated simultaneously. When the cable trays are updated, the total diameters and widths of the cables are automatically summarised by a new parameter.
  • 2019 MR | Electrical
    Improved interface for DIALux export and import
    Enables selection of identifiers for the spaces exported to DIALux as well as storing the luminaires imported from DIALux into the MagiCAD dataset. You can select space or room names or numbers as identifiers for the spaces. The luminaires imported from DIALux can be saved also into the MagiCAD dataset as basic box or cylinder shapes, with each shape containing the correct luminous flux value as well as the RFA name. When the luminaires are saved into the MagiCAD dataset, they can be reused again in the same project as well as in other projects.
  • 2019 MR | Ventilation
    Install and use manufacturer-specific distribution boxes
    MagiCAD enables you to use manufacturer-specific distribution boxes in ventilation design. When you install manufacturer-specific distribution boxes into the ventilation system, the boxes will be taken into account by calculations, clash detection, bills of materials and other MagiCAD features.
  • 2019 MR | IFC
    Manage all project-related data centrally in IFC Export
    MagiCAD’s IFC Export enables you to centrally manage all project-related data and export the selected project data in IFC format. Property Set Manager includes new property sets for IFCSystem Type (including also electrical circuits), IFCSpace Type and IFCZone Type. There are also two new properties Number of Elements and Static Pressure which can both be included in the exported data.
  • 2019 MR | Ventilation
    Connect air devices to the network using rectangular ducts
    Enables connection of air devices to the network using rectangular ducts. You can select the type of connection as a T-branch or a tap connection. From the options, you can also select the horizontal and vertical angles suitable for each particular situation. Watch Video ›
  • 2018 UR-3 | Common
    Next generation Crossing tool
    The updated Crossing tool introduces three new crossing methods, an improved routing calculation logic and a new user-friendly preview functionality. The upgraded routing tools have three methods for defining crossings, a new preview function, an informative offset meter and new routing algorithms, and support for multiple horizontal crossings.
  • 2018 UR-2 | Ventilation
    Simulate the operation of ventilation systems
    New simulation calculations for ventilation systems, enable analysis of actual flow distribution. Simulation calculations make it easy to perform reliable calculations for checking how the system will distribute air based on different fan settings and damper positions.


  • 2018 MR | Ventilation, Piping, Electrical
    Search and load products from MagiCAD Cloud
    MagiCAD Cloud product library can be accessed directly from MagiCAD and products can be loaded directly into MagiCAD projects. The product library integration offers efficient functions for searching, viewing and selecting products. Watch Video ›
  • 2018 MR | Electrical
    Wire drawing enhancements
    Makes it possible to define, enable and disable grid and guide lines when using free-end drawing. There are also new drawing options, including the Orthogonal Automatic Offset, which is a combination of the Orthogonal and the Automatic Offset options. It is now also possible to set a default offset angle, which the Automatic Offset and the new Orthogonal Automatic Offset options will then automatically use. Watch Video ›
  • 2018 MR | Electrical
    New product class: Combination boxes
    The new combination boxes product class includes e.g. cover frames and socket poles which act as placeholders for actual electrical products, for example sockets and switches. The combination box together with the electrical products connected to it can be combined as a Revit assembly. Watch Video ›
  • 2018 MR | Electrical
    Wire type management tool
    The new tool displays a list of every cable within the project, making it possible to edit the properties of different cables all in one window. Cables can be sorted based on each column, and the user can edit cable weight, diameter/width, height, number of phases, number of neutrals and the number of PEs. Watch Video ›
  • 2018 MR | Common
    Enhancements to Create User Symbol tool
    The tool makes it possible to select multiple elements and save them as a symbol. The elements can be created for example by using detail lines or regions. Symbols can be added into various symbol categories, including product symbols, schematic symbols, switchboard schematic symbols or switchboard schematic detail symbols. Watch Video ›
  • 2018 MR
    Improved installation of air terminals and chambers
    Automated calculation of collar length makes it faster to install products at the correct height levels using the product installation tool, without the need for measuring product dimensions and manually calculating the necessary collar length. Watch Video ›
  • 2018 MR | Ventilation, Piping, Electrical
    New routing tool for horizontal crossings
    Enables fast horizontal crossings during design coordination. Just select the length of the straight segment and the offset point for the crossing and the tool will automatically re-route your design based on the previously used settings.
  • 2018 MR | Supports & Hangers
    Load-bearing calculations for Supports & Hangers
    Enable the designer to verify that the supports and hangers are strong enough to support the suspended pipes, ducts or cable trays. With the new function, it is possible to extract the calculation model automatically based on the real Supports & Hangers model, calculate the loads of the suspended pipes, ducts or cable trays, calculate the force of each element with finite element method and display the data using 2D/3D diagrams.


  • 2016.11 | Common
    Extended Support for SI Measurement Units
    The user can now access native Revit measurement unit settings directly from MagiCAD. Changes in Revit unit settings will affect units also in MagiCAD flow diagrams, reports and properties, making measurement settings consistent throughout the system. Watch video ›
  • 2016.11 | Piping
    Improved Drainage Connection Routing
    The sewer routing tool now offers the possibility to control whether the sewer point connection should be connected from above the main pipe or to the side of the main pipe. At the same time, connecting sewer points located directly above the main pipe has been made easier. Watch video ›
  • 2016.11 | Ventilation
    Connections with flexible ducts
    It is now possible to connect devices to the ventilation system also using flexible ducts. The user can define a default maximum length and the flexible duct type for the connecting branch which will be used when a device is added to the drawing and the connecting branch is automatically generated. Watch video ›
  • 2016.11 | Common
    Contextual Tabs & Tag Tool Improvements
    Selecting a product will display the product-specific command buttons on the contextual ribbon, making it easier and faster to access the specific commands that are relevant for the selected product. Watch Video ›
  • 2016.11 | Electrical
    Synchronising wire types and installation codes with circuits
    It is now easier to manage wire types and update wire instances according to wire types. Cable and Circuit IDs (new parameters) can be easily updated and up-to-date information will be automatically inherited by the supply cable route and the switchboard, ensuring that the entire system remains consistent and up to date from branches to switchboards and power supply. Watch Video ›
  • 2016.11 
    Quick BIM object creation with MagiCAD Create’s generic MEP library
    MagiCAD Create now enables modelling of a comprehensive set of MEP products using easy-to-use modelling functions. If you need to use specific products which are not part of our manufacturer-specific BIM object library, you have the option to download and install our easy-to-use modelling tool MagiCAD Create directly from the MagiCAD user interface using the Plugin Manager function.
  • 2016.4 | Piping
    Localised Calculations for Domestic Water Calculations (DWS)
    The new standards for domestic water calculations include: the British BS 6700, Danish Sbi, European EN 806, Finnish D1, French DTU, Norwegian KS Standard and the Swedish VVS 2000. MagiCAD now also enables the use of Loading Units (LU) with domestic water systems required by certain market-specific calculation standards. Watch Video ›
  • 2016.4 | Piping
    Multi-Crossing Tool
    MagiCAD Ventilation, MagiCAD Piping and MagiCAD Electrical now provide the user with an enhanced version of the crossing tool for creating duct, pipe and cable tray crossings. The latest enhancements to this highly popular tool make it easier to define start and end points for crossings and for the first time enable multiple crossings to be defined at the same time. Watch Video ›
  • 2016.4 
    New dynamic user interface for product selection and installation
    Makes it easy to search and select products with full data views and install them into the project through a preview which shows the fit of the product to the intended location. Watch Video ›
  • 2016.4 | Piping
    Extended support for 2D Water Device Symbols
    The latest additions are 2D symbols for water devices, chambers and roof drains. The 2D symbols are stored in the 3D models and will be automatically used when printing drawings. Watch Video ›
  • 2016.4 
    Loading native Revit RFAs into your projects
    Using the new MagiCAD user interface for product selection and installation, it is now possible to use any native RFA family into the MagiCAD dataset while utilising MagiCAD’s standard functionality.
  • 2016.4 
    Clean-up and delivery tool for Revit models
    The tool allows you to automatically remove all manufacturer-specific brand names and labels from the project for tendering purposes, manage and remove links, sheets, views, legends and schedules, as well as audit, compress, purge and delete revisions. The automation of these tedious tasks saves a great deal of time when preparing the project for final or partial delivery.