Our MagiCAD free online webinar software demonstrations provide a fast and free-of-charge information sharing channel to learn more about the different software modules available within our MagiCAD software product portfolio.

The purpose of each technical demonstration is to educate the attendees about the principal features of a particular MagiCAD module, or in some instances, to explore the capabilities of an individual tool to a much higher level of detail. Each web-based session is live and conducted by member of our experienced team of knowledgeable MEP technical support engineers.

In addition to our MagiCAD software demonstrations, we also offer online sessions dedicated to manufacturer customers who are interested to learn more about our MagiCAD service portfolio.

Each webinar session only focuses on showing an overview of an individual feature or set of features contained within an individual MagiCAD software module. Setup, configuration and the fundamentals of using the product are not covered. MagiCAD training is purchased separately when investing in our software.

The following Forthcoming Webinar sessions are NOT training material
Setup and advanced configuration of the software is NOT shown
Sessions are intended as marketing material ONLY

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Webinar Language Date and time
MagiCAD for Revit
Injecting Revit Families with Customised Parameters (IFC or COBie) using MagiCAD Properties Tool
English 30.08.2019
12:30 PM BST
MagiCAD for Revit
Sprinkler Modelling Tools and Design Calculations
English 23.09.2019
12:30 PM BST

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