MagiCAD Group perform online webinars throughout the year. The purpose of our free technical marketing webinars are to introduce the principal features of a MagiCAD module or to explore the capabilities of an individual tool / work flow. All broadcasted webinar sessions are not intended or sufficient to be used as a training platform.

Professional MagiCAD training packages are purchased separately when investing in our software. Please fill out our contact form for further information and to book your appropriate MagiCAD software training package.

The following Forthcoming Webinar sessions are NOT training material
Setup and advanced configuration of the software is NOT shown
Sessions are intended as marketing material ONLY

Webinar Language Date Link
MagiCAD User Experience | HKLS German 02.03.2021 Register ›
MagiCAD User Experience | ELT German 03.03.2021 Register ›
MagiCAD 2021 UR-2 for Revit new features English 03.03.2021 Register ›
MagiCAD 2021 UR-2 for AutoCAD new features English 10.03.2021 Register ›


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