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MagiCAD is the number one BIM solution for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design used by thousands of companies in over 80 countries worldwide.

MagiCAD makes the design of BIM models easier, faster and more accurate. Fully integrated within Autodesk’s Revit and AutoCAD platforms and the Bricsys BricsCAD platform, MagiCAD offers a set of powerful modelling functions for each MEP discipline and enables integrated system calculations. With MagiCAD, you design with over 1,000,000 intelligent manufacturer-verified BIM objects from leading MEP manufacturers. Additionally, MagiCAD supports many local standards and symbols making it a unique and truly international solution.

“Build it as a digital model and ensure that everything works while the project is still in the design phase”

Powerful design capabilities with MagiCAD

Extensive library of manufacturer content

With MagiCAD, you design with real products from the start. When you need a valve, a radiator, a diffuser or any other installation product, you can select it from Europe’s largest library of manufacturer-verified BIM objects and insert it directly into the live model. MagiCAD enables immediate access to over 1,000,000 data-rich MEP objects from 300 leading international manufacturers. If you need to use specific products which are not part of our extensive selection of ready-made BIM objects, you can download and install our easy-to-use modelling application MagiCAD Create. With MagiCAD Create you can quickly create the required objects by editing the generic objects in our library.

Localised standards for integrated engineering calculations

MagiCAD’s BIM objects are modelled from physical products to a high level of detail, with correct dimensions and technical information provided by the manufacturers. Values for pressure loss, sound levels, heating and cooling capacity as well as other data are always present in the model, enabling accurate calculations during the design. The combination of MagiCAD functions and BIM objects ensures that the final design will perform as intended. Furthermore, MagiCAD is localised to meet the calculation, presentation and work-flow requirements of some of the major European markets. This enables customers to perform fully integrated pressure drop calculations, domestic water and drainage diversity calculations, as well as sprinkler calculations to local standards.

Time-saving productivity tools

MagiCAD includes a set of smart and effective productivity functions available in all MagiCAD modules. These include a Split Segment Tool used for cutting ducts, pipes or cable trays into standard lengths; a Running Index Tool to number components and equipment with unique configurable numbering formats; a Find and Replace tool for replacing any product type with another similar one and more.

Advanced coordination tools

MagiCAD enables real-time and on-demand Clash Detection.  Builderswork can be generated automatically based on space requirements around and between ducts, pipes, cable trays, fire dampers, etc., including insulation. In addition, the software offers integrated tools for producing a Bill Of Materials (BOM), resulting in improved cost management and a more efficient ordering process. MagiCAD is also fully compatible with the latest IFC standard enabling users to export project models in IFC format one by one or in a batch with all selected property sets defined.

Localised content

Project templates enable important elements of the project to be defined beforehand. For example, product models and families can be pre-selected for use and particular calculation methods can be made available. You can use MagiCAD’s ready-made, market-specific and localised project templates or pre-configure them yourself. Using templates saves time during the design phase by enabling a more logical design process and helps to avoid mistakes. In addition, MagiCAD offers the possibility to add local 2D symbols to selected 3D models plus a dynamic installation interface that adopts to the selected product.

Plugins and selection tools

We provide a wide range of plugins for connecting manufacturers’ own product selection, configuration and sizing software directly into MagiCAD. When a product, such as an Air Handling Unit, is configured using a plugin, it can be imported into the project in RFA format together with its dimensions, symbols, connection points and technical data.

Automated Modelling Functions

MagiCAD automates many time-consuming routine tasks in MEP design, including the creation and editing of standard connections, duct and pipe crossings, elevation changes, as well as various more demanding connections and adjustments. These include, for example, advanced coordination of distribution services, pipe-to-radiator, pipe-to-sanitary outlet, other piping connections and eccentric reductions. MagiCAD enables the drawing of ducts and pipes directly with user-definable and flexibly resizeable insulation series.

See how MagiCAD doubles the productivity of MEP modelling work

“MagiCAD is the best in the market. Other available software packages from the United States don’t have the same standard of quality as this Finnish software. MagiCAD is easy to use and it has a low threshold for getting started. Above all, we are very pleased to be able to accomplish all of our calculations directly in MagiCAD instead of performing them separately.”

Mattias Torberntsson, Bengt Dahlgren, Sweden
Project name: Karlatornet. The tallest building in the Nordics

Maximise the benefits of BIM with MagiCAD

Digitalisation has enabled productivity gains in every area of business. While the construction industry may be behind in this area, it also leaves many gains to be realised.

To imagine an ideal BIM world would be to imagine every construction project being completed on-time and on-budget. The various stakeholders involved in the project would have collaborated and communicated seamlessly regardless of their physical location. Completed buildings would be handed over with advanced maintenance plans, asset registers as well as energy and system information. Following the hand-over to the client, the building would fulfil the exact purpose for which it was created. This is not a futuristic model. We do have these tools today. Armed with the right understanding of what BIM can achieve, professionals the world over are making the right investments towards these outcomes.

Leading the way in BIM for MEP Design

MagiCAD enables rapid modelling and fully integrated engineering calculations making the design of accurate BIM models easier, more flexible and less time-consuming. When designing with MagiCAD, you have all it takes to carry out even the most demanding BIM projects. A functional 3D information model of the entire system offers a more accurate and more comprehensive basis for your work than 2D drawings, which lack incorporated data. BIM makes it possible to check beforehand, whether particular real-life components are suitable for the planned installation, both from the perspective of geometrical space requirements as well as from the technical, operational perspective.

MagiCAD also enables thorough integrated calculations and new levels of collaboration between project partners. MagiCAD creates a complete, easy-to-manage information model that can be used as a highly valuable storage of information throughout the building’s lifecycle, from the early conceptual phase, through construction and MEP installation, to facility management and maintenance.

MagiCAD Projects

ELT, The World’s Largest Telescope | Digierre3

“We have had a positive experience working with MagiCAD to design the MEP systems of ELT.”

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Helsinki Central Library Oodi | Ramboll

“With MagiCAD, designers can reliably verify that the system is working as it should.”

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New Karolinska Solna | Skanska

“One of the most important benefits of MagiCAD in the project is the amount of information that is transferred and stored within the models…”

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