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MagiCAD Cloud provides you with access to the world’s largest library of manufacturer-verified BIM objects for Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design, including over 1,000,000 data-rich BIM objects of commercially available MEP devices and components from more than 270 manufacturers internationally.

Aertesi joins MagiCAD Cloud and MagiCAD

Aertesi has recently joined MagiCAD Cloud and MagiCAD. Aertesi’s product library features fan coil units with 273 unique product variants from 30 different product families. Check Aertesi MagiCAD Cloud page to download their piping and ventilation products straight into your Revit and AutoCAD project.

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Major product library update from Watt Heating

Swedish manufacturer Watt Heating offers piping and ventilation products such as heating radiators and fan coil units. We are happy to announce a major Watt Heating library update with a total of 15587 products variants from 180 product families. Browse their products on MagiCAD Cloud and have a full access on the MagiCAD software.

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