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Armaturjonsson AS is one of the leading construction material companies in Norway with over 50 years of experience in the construction industry. They provide components for all types of water, heating and cooling systems for homes and commercial buildings. Today, the company belongs to Swedish Ernströmgruppen AB.

Armaturjonsson is known for high-quality products and their commitment for the environment. For them, being innovative does not only mean inventing new products, but also maintaining and improving existing ones. Armaturjonsson sees providing their piping products as high-quality BIM objects as an important way to serve the market.

Armaturjonsson is keen to expand their database and has recently updated their product library in the MagiCAD Cloud with piping components such as valves and manifold cabinets. Modelled objects include accurate technical data including pressure drop diagrams for the valves. We are delighted that Armaturjonsson values our professionalism and continues to trust us in BIM object modelling.

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