Introducing: BIM Guidebook for MEP designers


MagiCAD Group

White Paper

The MEP design processes of today employ computer-aided design tools that make it possible to model accurate building services systems in 3D. But what is the difference between simple modelling and Building Information Modelling (BIM)? And how does this distinction impact MEP design work?

In the new BIM Guidebook for MEP Designers we explore how BIM workflows empower MEP design work during each project work stage from conception to construction. The guidebook also explains how advanced design software, such as MagiCAD, use the data in a BIM model for intelligent digital engineering functionalities.

MEP design work has mainly taken place during the detailed design phase with only limited opportunities and processes available for designers to affect the project before or after. Today’s digital design tools allow MEP designers to be more easily and more effectively involved throughout a building project, from the definition of MEP requirements and guidelines during early concept planning to ensuring fluent execution of the finished systems during construction.

The BIM Guidebook for MEP Designers offers a detailed look at the role of MEP design at each work stage and presents some of the key functionalities that BIM tools enable during them.

Download the BIM Guidebook for MEP Designers.