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MagiCAD connects MEP designers with the manufacturers. MagiCAD Cloud product library and intelligent Manufacturer Apps play a big role in the digital MEP design process. For the users of MagiCAD Cloud it is extremely important that the product database is valid and up-to-date. In addition it ensures the high-quality brand image of the manufacturer.

Continuous development is in our DNA. Our focus is to provide a MEP ecosystem that serves the needs of MEP designers and manufacturers worldwide. In addition of being on-line product library, MagiCAD Cloud offers for instance MEP specific search and filtering functionalities, extended Manufacturer App offering, product specific features such as LOD and ETIM support, possibility to create & share collections, all together serve the demands of the constantly growing MagiCAD ecosystem user community.

Maintenance campaign 2021

We want to ensure that the product content in MagiCAD Cloud is up-to-date with valid product portfolio and information, follows MagiCAD software development and provides the support also for the new versions of Revit and AutoCAD.

To enable an efficient update procedure and secure the continuous development we are running the Maintenance as a mandatory service for all brands in the MagiCAD Cloud. Most of the brands are already covered with the Maintenance and the target is that by the end of year 2021, also all the remaining brands in the MagiCAD Cloud are with Maintenance

With MagiCAD Cloud maintenance you will receive for instance following benefits:

  • Your products are published on MagiCAD Cloud
  • Support for new MagiCAD versions
  • Upgrade to new MagiCAD product categories* (not applicable when adding new technical data is needed)
  • Monthly statistics email
  • Access to Manufacturer Hub (basic analytics, product list export etc)
  • Yearly reminder of your database content for you to check. List of products attached.
  • Updates on request: Meta data updates, logo changes, ETIM classes, description texts etc
  • Product removals
  • License delivery on request: MagiCAD MEP design software for manufacturer’s internal non-commercial usage

MagiCAD Cloud Maintenance campaign has already started. Contact your MagiCAD person to learn more about and to sign up for a MagiCAD Cloud Maintenance!