Brugg-Pema publishes a new pipe database at MagiCAD Cloud


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Brugg-Pema publishes a new pipe database at MagiCAD Cloud

We are delighted to announce that Brugg-Pema has published a new product database in MagiCAD Cloud for MagiCAD for Revit users. The database consists of heating pipes, sanitary pipes, and cold-water pipes with or without a heating cable. Brugg-Pema has also updated pipe series template available for MagiCAD for AutoCAD in MagiCAD Portal.

Brugg-Pema’s roots are in Brugg Rohrsystem founded in 1896. The group’s sustained experience and extensive pipe system knowledge has led to some exceptional innovations. Patent-protected CALPEX PUR-KING provides outstanding insulating performance for flexible and self-compensating pipe systems in local and district heating. FLEXSTAR low-temperature system is a pre-insulated pipe system that is highly flexible yet also extremely rugged thanks to their patented production process. FLEXSTAR pipes are ideal for connecting heat pumps and for use in local heating networks. COOLFLEX is a flexible, continuous, insulated cooling or cold-water pipe system with a PE carrier pipe. As it is delivered and installed as coils, it won’t include any underground pipe connections that could expose pipe system to leakages. Add integrated self-heating cable and you will get POLARFLEX cold-water pipe suitable for Nordic climate.

Brugg-Pema’s BIM objects in MagiCAD Cloud are available for MagiCAD for Revit users.

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About BRUGG Pipes

BRUGG Pipes is a BRUGG Group company. BRUGG Pipes specialises in producing and selling pipe systems for transporting liquids, gases and heat safely and efficiently on a global scale. BRUGG Pipes is headquartered in Kleindöttingen, Switzerland, and it has production facilities in Switzerland, Germany, and Poland. In Finland, Brugg-Pema Oy has been active since 1986.

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