BTP Construction investigates digitalisation with Lesley Kiernan from MagiCAD and Mattias Jagefeldt from Apply Emtunga


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MagiCAD for Revit

When we speak about digitalisation in the construction world, we remark that many stakeholders are scared of the complications involved. But exactly what are the complications? Leading French construction magazine BTP Construction investigated this question in a recent article and found that the benefits of digital construction are “abundant”.

In the article, Lesley Kiernan, Channel Manager for Central and Eastern Europe at MagiCAD explains that using MagiCAD for digital MEP plans is an effective strategy. “When designers have the exact technical details of a product, the construction team can use the products without risking nasty surprises. The functioning of each component will be exactly as planned because the calculations have been performed using the components’ true technical details”. MagiCAD customers have reported independently a 50% increase in efficiency during the design phase, compared to similar work without the leading software.

Mattias Jagefeldt, MEP director at Apply Emtunga agrees that MagiCAD is “a clever choice”. He used MagiCAD on his Johan Sverdrup off-sea oil platform project, and explains to BTP Construction that “it was a clever decision because the product families satisfy our extremely strict demands, such as being light enough so as not to reduce our performance on our large project models”.

Read more (in French) about why BTP Construction agrees that with solutions such as MagiCAD “Digitalisation does not mean complication” (PDF).