Update to Builders Work Openings tool: Improved user experience!


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In our effort to offer the best solution in the market for builderswork, we have released the latest version of the Builders Work Openings (BWO) tool, MagiCAD’s free plugin for builders work openings. In this July update (ver. 2021.7.1.0) we have focused on enhancing the user experience by improving the usability of the BWO tool.

The new version includes many small but useful changes, such as multi-selection when filtering and sorting provisions and a selection function for displayed report columns, as well as storing of column and dialog width within the Revit session. At the same time, we have also corrected some reported performance issues and further fine-tuned the tool. Together, the additions contribute to a more flexible and fluent working experience.

Again, a small reminder about the previous update that we made in May. In that version we added a tab selection that made it easier to view the properties of the host element for a possible opening.

This may sound like a small addition, but not having to leave the dialog in order to examine the host element – for example, the wall type and its properties – can make a big difference when engineers have to make decisions for large numbers of openings. You can now view the host element information, set a status for the opening, add comments and create the opening all in the same window.

Be ahead of the game and increase your productivity right away by downloading the latest version in the MagiCAD Download Portal!

Mikael Ekenberg Head of Products