Amstein + Walthert designs headquarters extension with MagiCAD Electrical, Ventilation and Piping for Revit


MagiCAD Group

MEP Design


Project name: A new building for the headquarters of an international organisation

Location: Geneva, Switzerland

Completion: 2017-2019

MagiCAD software: MagiCAD Electrical, MagiCAD Ventilation and MagiCAD Piping for Revit



One of the most prominent engineering firms in Switzerland, Amstein + Walthert AG designs building services for a new building that will extend an architecturally significant complex of buildings in Geneva, serving as the headquarters for an international organisation. Amstein + Walthert designs all ventilation, piping and electrical systems in the project using MagiCAD for Revit.

Amstein + Walthert: “MagiCAD’s Electrical, Ventilation and Piping modules make our Revit-based design faster and more efficient”


With total area of 41,500 square meters, the project includes 10 storeys, with 25,000 square meters of office space and 3 underground levels. In designing the Mechanical, Electrical and Piping (MEP) systems for the project, Amstein + Walthert uses MagiCAD Electrical, MagiCAD Ventilation and MagiCAD Piping modules on Revit software. ­

“The building’s creative architectural solutions require skill also from MEP design. For example, when concrete ceiling slabs are consciously left uncovered, or many of the building’s surfaces are made of glass, it is crucial to be able to coordinate the building’s MEP systems subtly and using the minimum amount of space”, says HVAC Designer Simon Letourneur from Amstein + Walthert. ­

“MagiCAD made the project’s demanding coordination easier and more efficient. It was also faster to find building services product families (RFAs) that were suitable for the limited spaces, instead of having to spend time searching for the products on the internet. With MagiCAD for Revit, we were also able to quickly generate a complete Provisions for Voids model in IFC format for the structural engineers, with all the openings, required by the MEP design into the building’s structure, accurately defined”, comments another HVAC Designer from Amstein+Walthert, Nicolas Cluzel. ­

“MagiCAD’s Electrical, Ventilation and Piping modules make our Revit-based design faster and more efficient. Moreover, MagiCAD supports the relevant electrical standards well, including the correct electrical symbols”, concludes Simon Letourneur.


Founded in 1927, Amstein + Walthert AG employs over 800 professionals in twelve locations across Switzerland, as well as in Lyon, France. With a full range of consulting services, Amstein + Walthert helps its clients to realise their large and small projects in all areas of engineering. In addition to being a market-leading engineering firm offering design and construction services, Amstein + Walthert is also continuously engaged in numerous research projects that enable the company to anticipate the future.