ATIproject draws on BIM methods and MagiCAD in Denmark’s largest hospital project


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Company: ATIproject
Project: Odense University Hospital (Denmark)
Location: Odense, Denmark
Schedule: 2022
Architect: ATIproject
Contractors: CMB, Itinera
MagiCAD software: MagiCAD Ventilation and Piping for Revit, MagiCAD Cloud product libraries


In June 2019 construction began on the new Odense University Hospital in the city of Odense in southern Denmark. The design company ATIproject, based in Pisa, Italy, together with construction companies CMB and Itinera, designed the first two parts of the hospital extending on a land area of almost 250,000 m2, including areas dedicated to infrastructure and green spaces. The foundation stone for the hospital was laid in June and the project is expected to be completed in 2022.

Cooperation and modern methods

The main challenge facing ATIproject was a continuous process of design optimization. This started already with the drafting of a preliminary project that needed to both comply with pre-established functional and performance requirements and fit the estimated budget of the client.

“The optimization phase and the subsequent drafting of the final project model took place in close cooperation between designers, the general contractor and the client. Our cooperation was based on flexibility, transparency, openness and constant communication. We were pursuing common goals and were focused on a win-win approach,” explains founding partner and Chief Executive of ATIproject, Luca Serri.

What was unique about the project was the complete dedication to information sharing throughout the process between the designers and companies involved and the client. Thanks to the comprehensive adoption of BIM methodology, ATIproject, together with the other project parties, succeeded in realizing a complex project with over 400,000 digital objects in place already in the intermediate delivery phase.

“Considering the large number of data to be managed, it would have been impossible to carry out this project using traditional methodology,” says Luca.

ATIproject used MagiCAD for Revit software for ventilation and piping design for the new Odense University Hospital. The use of MagiCAD helped speed up the modeling of ducts and pipes considerably, as well as made it easier to perform associated calculations to ensure system viability.

Benefits of BIM process

“The innovative use of BIM technologies across the board, as well as the cooperation and information sharing tools that were employed by all project parties, enabled us to optimize design management leading to an increase in productivity and design quality,” says Luca Serri.

“It should be emphasized that all this was possible only because of the work done in structuring the entire information process before the actual design work was started,” Luca concludes.


The new Odense University Hospital project received THE PLAN AWARD in 2019 in the HEALTH (Health centres and facilities) category.

View a video produced by ATIproject of the new Odense University Hospital.


About ATIproject

ATIproject, founded in 2011, operates in the fields of architecture and engineering with passion and innovation, promoting environmentally friendly and zero-impact construction. The company is active in several countries with an innovative and constantly evolving approach. ATIproject employs a BIM platform to guarantee lean and effective project management and complete integration of all disciplines, resulting in significant resource savings and improved project quality.