Bengt Dahlgren creates energy-efficient design for Kuggen building with MagiCAD


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Kuggen: A new power source in Lindholmen Science Park

Lindholmen Science Park is located near the river in Göteborg, in an area where shipping has left space for a centre for education, research and industry.

The new Kuggen (or Cog) building has been named for its purpose – to serve as a link between the academic world at Campus Lindholmen and all companies expanding rapidly in fields such as mobile data communications, integrated vehicle and logistics solutions and modern media design.

The smart way to hit energy targets

The BBR (Building Regulations of the Swedish National Board of Housing Building and Planning) specify that energy consumption may be a maximum of 100 kWh/m2 per year. With a target of 60 kWh/m2 per year, Kuggen is set to have a consumption far below this figure.

The low energy consumption is achieved through a combination of architecture and smart installations. Bengt Dahlgren designs HVAC and cooling systems in MagiCAD. The building will be cooled with air and the ventilation system has been designed as a VAV system (VAriable Ventilation).

The variable diffusers are motorised and provide ventilation and cooling as required. The devices have integrated sensors for room temperature, occupancy, duct temperature, duct pressure and flow.

Occupancy sensors control both ventilation and lighting. Empty offices receive minimum ventilation and the lights are turned off. All lighting is also daylight-regulated. Kuggen is connected to the district heating network. Solar panels are installed on its roof which help to supply the building with hot water.

Many years of experience with MagiCAD

“We have used MagiCAD ever since the program was launched. The fact that MagiCAD is now also available on the Revit platform is a crucial advance in the program’s development,” says Bengt Dahlgren’s IT Director Roland Magnusson.

“Being able to work with the right products in our MagiCAD models is one of the most important advantages for our design engineers We have done so for more than ten years with MagiCAD for AutoCAD and now we also have the opportunity to do so with MagiCAD for Revit. Thanks to these advances, we can now escape the time-consuming work of manually defining the characteristics of different products.”

Cut-outs for MagiCAD

Cut-outs for the installations are inserted in the MagiCAD model. It is coordinated in 3D by the design company Tyréns AB, and conveyed to the manufacturer of the concrete sections. This ensures that the cut-outs are correctly located when the construction sections are manufactured.

Quantity lists to the contractor

Bengt Dahlgren uses MagiCAD’s functions for compiling and supplying quantity lists of ventilation components. The information is sent to the contractor, ensuring improved logistics during the installation phase.

Bengt Dahlgren receives GreenBuilding Award

In 2009, Bengt Dahlgren received the “Sweden GreenBuilding Award” in the Corporate Partner category. Bengt Dahlgren had had seven buildings approved in the GreenBuilding programme, including Kuggen. In April 2010, the company also received European recognition when it won the European GreenBuilding Award Europe – Best Endorser.

International praise

Kuggen has already received international attention. At MIPIM, the major annual property trade fair held in Cannes 2009, Kuggen was one of three entries of 300 to receive an award in the “Sustainable buildings” category.

At the World Architecture Festival in Barcelona in November 2009, the building received an honourable mention in the category “Future Projects: Commercial”.

Energy-saving design

Kuggen was designed by Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB. The building has been designed to provide “passive” energy savings and a comfortable indoor climate. It has five storeys above ground and a basement utilities floor. The shape of Kuggen, “The Cog”, is created using triangular prefabricated facade elements.


About Bengt Dahlgren AB

Bengt Dahlgren is a privately owned technical consulting firm active throughout the entire construction and management process. The company was founded in 1952 and has since become one of Sweden’s leading independent consulting firms, with more than 300 employees both in Sweden and abroad. The company is active in the fields of HVAC, Energy & Environment, Control & Monitoring, Fire & Risk and Technical Management.