BIAD takes on the challenge in Shenzhen Bay Sport Center project


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Shenzhen Bay Sport Center, China

Shenzhen Bay Sport Center is located at the heart of a beach recreation area on Shenzhen Gulf. It has a total area of 307,700 m2. It will be used to host the 26th Summer Universiade in 2011, with the main focus on football, table tennis and swimming.

Technological challenge

The architectural design of the sport center features a huge number of steel networks. This posed a major challenge for the building’s duct work, particularly around the top of the building which has many steel beams through which the air conditioning ducts need to pass. If conventional design tools had been used, the design would have been much more costly, both in terms of manpower and time.

Using MagiCAD

BIAD’s Mechanical and Electrical design group used MagiCAD to design the building’s air conditioning and piping system.

“In this project, collision often occurs between steel beams and pipes, as well between different pipes. MagiCAD’s collision control function enables us to easily identify possible collisions between air conditioning ducts and the building structure. The thickness of insulation has also been considered. While planning the duct work, 2D drawings were automatically created. MagiCAD saved us a lot of time.” Qi Feng, project engineer at BIAD Mechanical and Electrical.

“Using the product database in MagiCAD, we are able to check the relationship between the piping and fittings in the restrooms in reality, thereby identifying possible problems in the construction phase.” Wang Lei, project engineer at BIAD Mechanical and Electrical.

“The Shenzhen Bay Sport Center project is an excellent opportunity for us to use MagiCAD and we are delighted to have used both the 2D and 3D functions of MagiCAD during this project. I believe that MagiCAD will improve our productivity in our future projects.” Zhang Jie (Chief Engineer), head of BIAD Mechanical and Electrical.

About BIAD

BIAD (Beijing Institute of Architectural Design) is a state-owned consulting company founded in 1949. BIAD was one of the first Chinese consulting companies to work outside China when it entered the international construction market in 1979. BIAD received ISO 9001 certification in 1998. Services provided by the institute include civil engineering, interior decoration, landscaping, building intelligence systems, municipal planning, project budgeting, investment proposals, project supervision and contracting.