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We have been designing in 3D for many years. It has brought us great benefits throughout our operations,” says Ingrid Alvsåker from COWI’s BIM group in Norway.

Ingrid Alvsåker is responsible for building services design with MagiCAD. “It’s all about utilizing the 3D model in as many ways as possible, providing us with the greatest results from BIM as a way of working.”

MagiCAD – an essential tool

COWI has used MagiCAD for a long time. Its first major BIM project was Akershus University Hospital outside Oslo. Valuable skills were gained here which COWI can now use in new projects.

We were quick to turn to MagiCAD as a design tool. As we have become more and more familiar with the program, it has proved to be a powerful and reliable ‘employee’. It is very beneficial that the system is a 3D modelling tool, where the objects are information carriers. All the information is contained in the model, which is also used to print drawings. Being able to retrieve objects from suppliers and use the program’s integrated calculations is a huge advantage. And not forgetting the option for visual collision control, that is also very useful.”

Now is the time for BIM

BIM is the solution to most of the challenges faced in the construction industry, and it’s not a moment too soon. Common information models have been standard in engineering for decades. However, in order for it to be a success, all parties need to be involved from the start. A change in attitudes and work processes is definitely required. In certain cases, it’s necessary to do things in reverse order or, in other words, a larger part of the job early in the process. When you get it right, the long-term benefits are great. But I realize that these things take time, old habits are hard to break. We must all work together to get the added value that we all want. We have no time to lose, this is just the start,” concludes Alvsåker.

About COWI

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