Eko Tasarim designs MEP systems of Istanbul’s Award Winning Emaar Square with MagiCAD


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Type of Project : Residental, Hotel, Office and Shopping Centre (Multi-Use Building Complex)

Size of  Project : 767,793 m2

– Residences: 142,325 m2
– Offices: 41,626  m2
– Retail (Shopping Centre):  140,795 m2
– Closed car park: 202,303 m2
– North Tower: 240,744 m2

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MEP design for the project: Eko Tasarım (

Emaar Square is a high-profile construction project in the centre of Istanbul. It is located located in the Çamlıca district on the Asian side of the city. Emaar Square is being developed on a 66,000 square-meter property and the project will feature approximately 1,000 residential units, 48,000 square meters of office space, a five-star hotel, a shopping mall with an over 150,000 square meters of gross leasable area, including central outdoor square, underwater zoo, and entertainment and recreation centres.

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Emaar Turkey has received several awards including “World’s Best Mixed-Use Architecture” at the International Property Awards 2013, as well as “Best Mixed-Use Architecture, Europe” and “Best Mixed-Use Architecture, Turkey” at the European Property Awards 2012.

Eko Tasarim has designed all piping and ventilation systems for the Emaar Square Multi-Use Building Complex using MagiCAD for AutoCAD with the modules MagiCAD Ventilation, MagiCAD Piping and MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer.

MagiCAD has enabled the following benefits for Eko Tasarim in the Emaar Square Project:

Coordination between sprinkler, piping and ventilation systems has been handled by using MagiCAD. The systems in projects of this scale are very complex and MagiCAD has enabled potential clashes between the different systems to be identified and prevented very efficiently.

MagiCAD Ventilation and Piping have enabled fast and easy pressure loss calculations for ventilation and piping systems, saving a great deal of time in the process.

MagiCAD Ventilation made it quick and efficient to perform thorough sound calculations for the ventilation systems in the complex

MagiCAD Sprinkler Designer has enabled easy hydraulic calculations for sprinkler systems

MagiCAD Ventilation and Piping made it easy to create isometric column diagrams of all duct and piping systems

MagiCAD for AutoCAD also made it faster to create detailed 3D layout images and section design drawings of all mechanical rooms in the complex and provided a highly visual presentation of these also for the project owner.


“We have been using MagiCAD already since 2005, and to this day MagiCAD keeps on providing us with more and more value with each new project. The reason why we originally chose MagiCAD was its product database, compatibility with AutoCAD and Revit, and also excellent 3D features for HVAC design. We have now been using MagiCAD for about ten years and we are very pleased with it. During the previous two years we have increased our investment in MagiCAD by increasing the number of our MagiCAD for Revit and AutoCAD licenses and also by starting use MagiCAD for Revit in a more efficient way”  comments General Manager Gürkan Görgün from Eko Tasarim

Over the years, we have found that using MagiCAD saves us a lot of time and enhances also overall project productivity. We have estimated that MagiCAD’s time-saving functions, such as easy riser diagram features and faster revisions, can save up to 30 per cent of total project time. This also permits us to proactively detect and avoid potential problems in later project stages, which has positive effects also on project quality”, Görgün continues.

About Emaar Square

Emaar Square comprises over 1,000 luxury homes, a 180-room five-star hotel and a world-class shopping centre which will be the largest one in Turkey. The Emaar Square Shopping Mall, a trophy asset within the development, offers city dwellers a world-class shopping and leisure destination, and is expected to provide employment to around 5,000 people.

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With over 150,000 square metres of total rentable space, the mall also features a wide range of leisure facilities, including a family entertainment centre, an ice rink and an underwater zoo, taking inspiration from Emaar’s flagship retail asset The Dubai Mall.


The Mall also features an enormous 2,400-seat movie theatre complex and a 4,500-vehicle parking lot reserved for the shopping centre. Emaar Square also features 40,000 square metres of office space, accommodating around 4,000 professionals, and is set to become a new business and lifestyle hub in the city for approximately 15,000 people.