MEP System Design and Production Company “Alexandr Kolubkov” uses MagiCAD in the Newest Moscow Skyscraper


MagiCAD Group

MEP Design

Project name: TPU Dmitrovsky
Company: Alexandr Kolubkov Design and Production Company (PPF AK)
City/Country: Moscow, Russia
Construction area: 126 150 м2
Application used: MagiCAD Piping, Ventilation and Electrical for AutoCAD.


PPF АК, established in 1992, has a wide portfolio of successfully implemented projects in the building industry. It’s main business area is the integrated design and supervision of the installations of MEP systems in buildings including high-rise buildings and towers. Their portfolio includes 25 buildings over 100 meters tall, of which, 16 exceed 130 meters. Indeed, every fifth skyscraper in Russia is built with the design carried out by PPF АK.


The main challenge for the TPU Dmitrovsky project was the height of the buildings. With two towers over 190 meters tall, the new building complex will be the 17th highest in Moscow. The MEP systems for such buildings are very complex with dense engineering equipment spaces. This requires very exact design and extremely good coordination with other parties in the project.


“Our company designed MEP systems for TPU Dmitrovsky project including plumbing systems, communication systems, power supply equipment and electric lighting systems, as well as, automatic firefighting systems,” says Sergey Bizukov, Head of 3D design division at PPF AK. PPF АК used MagiCAD Piping, Ventilation and Electrical for AutoCAD for the design of MEP systems of TPU Dmitrovsky. The company has been using MagiCAD already since 2015.

Exact design

“The most important features of MagiCAD for us are Collision Control that enables us to find possible collisions, also with the reference drawings from different design disciplines and, generation of axonometric schema from the drawing and functionality to create sections are significantly speeding up our design,” summarises Sergey.
“MagiCAD especially helped us to find the optimal solution in the areas with high density of engineering installations and equipment, due to accurate 3D presentation and possibility to detect errors already at the early design stages,” he adds.
With MagiCAD, the routing of the MEP systems becomes more accurate, because MagiCAD is operating with the exact geometry and sizes of the real products. It also enables minimizing design errors thanks to the calculation functionality.


MagiCAD’s IFC functionality was used successfully in this project. IFC format was used to share the information between colleagues in other functions. “One good example,” mentions Sergey – “was to coordinate and collaborate on a joint building model that included different systems, because companies are using different software. IFC export possibilities became a saviour for us.”

Benefits of using MagiCAD

1) Unified drawings with the use of 3D and 2D technologies
2) Faster design process
3) Exact geometry of the products
4) Enables collision control
5) Hydraulic calculations with integrated MagiCAD functionality
6) 3D presentation of the designed systems, their routing and installation
7) IFC export