MEP systems of the global BIM award winner Puuvilla Shopping Centre designed using MagiCAD


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MEP Design

Projectus Team (now part of Rambol) designed building services systems for the Tekla Global BIM Awards 2013 Best Total BIM Project, the Puuvilla Shopping Centre, using MagiCAD for AutoCAD. The Puuvilla Shopping Centre is currently being built near the city centre of Pori, Finland, at a historical industrial site of an old cotton mill from the late 1800s. The project includes both new buildings and conversion of old industrial buildings into modern business premises.

All together, the project extends over 100,000 square meters, of which 43,000 square meters will be business premises. The construction of the shopping centre began in the year 2012, and the plan is to open doors for customers towards the end of 2014.

MagiCAD Projectus Puuvilla
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Award-winning utilisation of BIM methods

The project’s main contractor Skanska is a trailblazer in BIM utilisation. Puuvilla as a project is a perfect example of how BIM can improve project efficiency and information flow during design, construction and MEP installations.

Key personnel and subcontractors at the Puuvilla construction site carry iPads with them at all times, allowing them to make use of the information model on site and in coordination meetings. The mobile use of the information model enables, for instance, comments to be sent to engineers with photos from the site and corresponding screenshots from the model. There is also a large weather-resistant touchscreen computer in use at the construction site, dubbed the “BIM kiosk”, that allows builders and installers to examine the information model on site whenever the need arises.

MagiCAD building services design
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Efficient building services design with MagiCAD

Projectus Team Oy carried out the project’s piping, ventilation, and electrical design, and energy-efficiency optimisation using MagiCAD for AutoCAD’s Heating & Piping, Ventilation, Electrical, and Comfort & Energy applications. In terms of energy efficiency, the project aims at qualifying for gold-level LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) environmental certification.

“One of the more demanding aspects of the project was carrying out building services design for the old industrial buildings, because the inventory models created by laser scanning the existing buildings were not on the same level of accuracy with the models of the new buildings,” comments Electrical Engineer, BIM Specialist Olli Hoskari from Projectus Team Oy.

MagiCAD MEP system Kauppakeskus Puuvilla
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“The project was coordinated using a composite IFC model into which the building services models were loaded at regular intervals according to the project schedule. The composite model helped in many cases in making the larger whole of the project more explicit for the different project partners.”

“In terms of the project’s building services design, it was essential for us that MagiCAD enabled the production of the required building services models and bills of materials, efficient collision control, and synchronisation of the building services model with the structural model in IFC format,” Hoskari says.

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