Ramboll designed MEP systems for a new residential district using MagiCAD


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MEP Design

Company: Ramboll
Project name: Kuststad Luleå
Location: Luleå, Sweden
Schedule: Stage 1 with 112 apartments will be completed in autumn 2018
Customer: Innerstadsfjärden AB
Contractor: Nåiden Bygg AB
Architect: MAF Arkitektkontor AB
MagiCAD software: MagiCAD Ventilation, Piping and Electrical for AutoCAD

Ramboll designed Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) systems for the new Kuststad residential district in Luleå, Sweden using MagiCAD’s Ventilation, Piping and Electrical modules on AutoCAD.


Luleå, a city on the northern coast of Sweden, is building a beautiful new residential seaside district in the South Harbour of the city’s downtown. The project will be realised in three stages. When completed, the district will consist of 6 residential buildings with approximately 50,000 square meters of space in total.

The first stage of the project, with 112 apartments and 18,500 square meters of gross area, is currently under construction and scheduled to be completed in autumn 2018. The second stage will include another 103 apartments, and the third, 107 apartments.

Ramboll designed all ventilation, piping and electrical systems in the project using MagiCAD for AutoCAD.

“MagiCAD’s integrated calculations provide accurate results during design, which makes noticing and solving potential functional issues in the design quite a lot easier., says Magda Ljunggren.


When designing the project’s Mechanical, Electrical and Piping (MEP) systems, Ramboll used MagiCAD Ventilation, MagiCAD Piping and MagiCAD Electrical modules on AutoCAD software.

­ “MagiCAD has been Ramboll’s MEP software of choice for more than 20 years, from the early days of MagiCAD”, says Magda Ljunggren, HVAC, Piping and Energy Engineer at the Luleå and Umeå office of Ramboll Sweden.

­ “I have personally always worked using MagiCAD, and for me, MagiCAD’s most important benefits come from being able to perform calculations directly inside the software. MagiCAD’s integrated calculation functions provide accurate results during design, which makes noticing and solving potential functional issues in the design quite a lot easier. Especially the sound calculations are a major benefit”, Magda describes.

­ “MagiCAD makes many routine design tasks, such as collision control and flow calculations, smoother. This improves the overall design quality, and at the same time, speeds up the design process. MagiCAD enabled time savings also in the Kuststad project”, Magda says.

­ “As with most projects nowadays in Sweden, in the Kuststad project the project drawings were shared and coordinated with the partners in IFC format. In my experience, MagiCAD with its BuildingSmart-certified IFC 2×3 MEP export supports IFC very well”, Magda concludes.