Skanska uses MagiCAD from model to worksite


MagiCAD Group

MEP Design

Skanska Manskun Rasti project

Skanska’s Manskun Rasti development in Helsinki, Finland, is one of many Skanska projects that rely on Building Information Modeling (BIM) from start to finish.

Manskun Rasti will be a four building block constructed in two phases. The first completed building of Phase one is Skanska Finland’s new headquarters.

Skanska has used BIM on buildings, roads, bridges, tunnels, industrial plants and other projects. Working with BIM has provided benefits such as better communication between project partners and improved efficiency in planning and cost control.

MagiCAD applications were used for all MEP design at Manskun Rasti. The models were produced by external MEP design companies and delivered to Skanska in native and IFC format.

It was a requirement from Skanska that the open IFC format should be used for architectural, structural, MEP and geo- technical models.

MagiCAD IFC models were used as a reference in a production model, which is an integrated model containing all design models.

Real products from MagiCAD’s database

Real products are necessary for making a true BIM project. Product models with geometries and important technical data from MagiCAD’s product database are key to producing accurate bills of materials (BOM).

Skanska can be sure that all products in the model are included in the bills of materials, down to the smallest detail. Bills of materials are used throughout the project for tender calculations, logistics, production control, scheduling and cost and time simulations.

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