The Icelandic National Concert & Conference Centre was a major challenge


MagiCAD Group

MEP Design

When Rambøll started this project, they knew they were in for a challenge. At the project’s peak, 30 to 40 consultants worked full time on the project. During the entire project, an additional 60 engineers and specialists were involved for shorter periods.

Rambøll was assigned responsibility for building services and structural design. All design work was to be integrated into one digital project model in 3D. MagiCAD is their choice for building services – piping, ventilation and electrical systems.

3D – the only way to go

For Rambøll, working in 2D is no longer an option on “green field projects”. The whole organisation is being trained and ready for 3D projects, following the Rambøll strategy.

In the Icelandic project, the architectural design was challenging for the technical consultants. Working in 3D with MagiCAD and Tekla allowed Rambøll to reach a higher quality. They were also able to solve any installation problems and collisions at the model stage, not during actual construction.

Another reason for 3D is the ability to present all design work to contractors and Icelandic authorities during the project, in a clear and understandable way. Visualising the end result from 2D drawings is never easy, and with such an artistic building it would be almost impossible, even for a trained eye.

Government clients in Denmark are already including 3D as one of their criteria in Digital Construction (‘Det Digitale Byggeri’ in Danish).

BIM is better with IFC

Building Information Model (BIM) is no news to Rambøll – it’s already a natural way of thinking within the organisation. In short, they see BIM as a cross-discipline concept for the coordination of information. And this coordination requires a common language, IFC.

MagiCAD allows users to save drawings according to the IFC standard with outstanding quality. MagiCAD is IFC-certified at the highest level, Step 2 of IFC 2×3. The IFC files can be exported to other IFC-compatible programs for calculations, and for viewing with common viewers such as Solibri Model checker or NavisWorks.