Yüksel Proje gains 35% advantage in design time by using MagiCAD Electrical for Istanbul’s Metro project


MagiCAD Group

MEP Design

Company: Yüksel Proje
Project: Istanbul Metropolitan Area Metro and Tram Lines
Country: Turkey
Start and Completion: 2018 – 2021
MagiCAD software: MagiCAD Electrical for Revit


Yüksel Proje, the largest engineering company in Turkey was founded in 1978 and has done both design and consultation work on metro and tram lines and stations in Istanbul, as well as globally (India, Algeria, Romania, Turkey and more), since 1992, covering over 334 km of lines and 213 stations over the years. They are currently involved in the mechanical, structural, architectural and electrical design for the Istanbul Metropolitan Area section of the rail transit system network that has been defined in the recently published Integrated Urban Transportation Plan of Istanbul. This extensive project includes approximately 60 km of rail transit system lines and related metro stations and storage facilities.

Levent YILMAZTURK is a Deputy Manager of the Electromechanical Group at Yüksel Proje. He shared with us how MagiCAD Electrical for Revit has helped them cope with the demands of such a considerable undertaking and elaborated on the features that have proven to be most useful from the perspective of electrical design.

Improved workflow with a single solution

Yüksel Proje have succesfully used MagiCAD in transportation projects, as well as in large-scale infrastructure and superstructure projects, including industrial plants, airports and road tunnels. Before MagiCAD the company had to often resort to multiple different software applications for different tasks, but MagiCAD adoption has helped them to streamline their workflow.

“Previously, we were constantly using many different applications to help with drawing and calculations. Thanks to MagiCAD, we are now able to access all the necessary features in the same software with a user-friendly interface,” says Levent Yilmaztürk.

“Information exchange between design software is an aspect of electrical design that can be challenging. The software applications used may be incompatible or may not fully support the same formats. The easy import and export features in MagiCAD for Revit make it much easier to switch between software for specialised tasks,” continued Levent Yilmaztürk.

The benefit of integrated electrical calculations

Some of the most complex and time-consuming tasks in electrical projects often involve advanced calculations that are required to ensure the functionality of large-scale systems. This part of the project work is also often dependent on specialised software solutions.

“Before using MagiCAD, we were trying to generate codes for calculations via Dynamo or import specific data from Excel into simulation programs. This was very time-consuming and produced a lot of extra work for us,” Levent Yilmaztürk explained.

“We can now analyze the calculations that have been made with MagiCAD in a single move in Revit. We can also include detailed calculation results of short circuit, voltage drop and current carrying provided by Schneider’s EcoStruxure Power Design engine accessible directly in the interface. We have used EcoStruxure Power Design before, but the integration with MagiCAD has made combining calculations to projects much more efficient,” continued Levent Yilmaztürk.

Improving existing design methods

Yüksel Proje are working with the Revit platform which offers a unique multi-disciplined solution that aids collaboration. MagiCAD Electrical has complemented the existing design tools in the Revit environment and the intelligent features and automatic workflows have helped Yüksel Proje reach measurable time-savings.

“Our biggest saviors in electrical design for the metro system have been the cable drawing and panel connection features, real-time collision analysis, automatic reports and integration with other programs. Overall, MagiCAD completes the missing functionalities for electrical systems in Revit,” said Levent Yilmaztürk.

“When we looked at the work program within the scope of the metro project, we estimated that we had gained a 35% advantage in design time by using MagiCAD,” concluded Levent Yilmaztürk.


View a video demonstration of Yüksel Proje using MagiCAD Electrical in the project.


Yüksel Proje

Yüksel Proje is the largest engineering company in Turkey with over 40 years of experience in transportation, infrastructure, building and geotechnical projects both in Turkey and globally. As evidence of its global activity, the Istanbul-based company generates 30% of its annual turnover from abroad and the total number of employees at Yüksel Proje has recently exceeded 1400.

MagiCAD Electrical

MagiCAD Electrical offers a comprehensive BIM solution for the design and calculation of electrical, lighting, telecommunication and data systems. MagiCAD Electrical includes intelligent tools for electrical calculations, wire drawing, switchboard schematics, as well as advanced circuiting functions.