Celebrating 40 Years of Innovation


MagiCAD Group

Company news

Founded in 1983 as Progman in Rauma, Finland, MagiCAD Group has a rich history of technological advancements, partnerships, and collaborations shaping the future of MEP design and other digital solutions for the built environment. Our focus on MEP design and information modelling began early on, driven by our passion for understanding what makes buildings work.

The Birth of the name MagiCAD

In the 1990s, our collaboration with Autodesk resulted in the release of MagiCAD for AutoCAD and later on MagiCAD for Revit, becoming the leading MEP design solutions in the Nordics and Europe. The name, “MagiCAD,” was inspired by the software’s ability to perform design automatically, just like magic.

Mikael Ekenberg, Head of Products at MagiCAD Group recalls, “At the time, even state-of-the-art CAD design tools for the MEP branch were more or less limited to drafting lines. Making changes and revising required a lot of time-consuming manual editing – modifying lines, redrawing, editing and re-editing. So when we saw the first alpha version of the software, which could transform a bend automatically into a T-branch, or a T-branch into a bend when one of the branches was erased, the name, MagiCAD, surfaced almost immediately.”

Leading the Way

Over the years, MagiCAD Group has continued to develop innovative solutions for MEP design, including MagiCAD Cloud, a comprehensive BIM content platform for MEP design including products from 300+ manufacturers. In 2014, we became part of Glodon Company Limited, one of the world’s largest AEC software companies.

Inside MagiCAD

Today, our team of passionate software professionals continues to provide intelligent solutions to make engineering, design, and construction management easier, faster, and more profitable. We take pride in our diverse group of individuals who have contributed to our story and continue to drive our success.