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A new Climecon Vent.X selection tool available for both MagiCAD for AutoCAD and MagiCAD for Revit. The Vent.X software allows you to insert of Climecon air diffuser products into MagiCAD projects and make accurate adjustments for supply air distribution. Climecon air diffusers combine stylish design with technical features, as well as easy installation and maintentance, making them a popular choice for all projects.


Vent.X provides direct access to Climecon’s wide range of supply and exhaust air diffusers. Users can simply select suitable air terminal devices according to requirements and design their throw patterns to optimize the air distribution. Supply air diffusers are one of the most important components of ventilation and the Vent.X selection tool makes it easy to ensure optimal functionality for a ventilation system.


After this release MagiCAD Climecon plugin includes the following selection software:


Hoods (MagiCAD for AutoCAD)

Kitchen hoods and ceiling ventilation


Tuisku.X (MagiCAD for AutoCAD)

Rain and snow covers


Vent.X (MagiCAD for AutoCAD and Revit)

Exhaust air diffusers


The expansion of BIM in to indoor climate simulation and its possibilities

We would also like to thank Climecon and Antti Rytivaara, Design Program Specialist at Climecon Oy, for participating in our BIM event as a one of the keynote speaker about BIM expanssion in to indoor climate simulations. “Shaping your BIM strategy” is the annual MagiCAD event where manufacturers can expand their knowledge about the future of BIM, exchange ideas with colleagues and network in a professional yet relaxed environment. This year the event was held in Berlin during 24 & 25 September 2019. Learn more about the event


Climecon is a leading Finnish manufacturer of high-quality air terminals, and connection and balancing plenum boxes. Climecon’s product range includes hoods for professional kitchens, ceiling ventilation systems, supply air devices and exhaust air diffusers and chemical air purifiers. Marine ventilation is an important part of Climecon’s business.


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