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High-quality and regularly maintained gas detectors ensure a safe operating environment, which is particularly important in the detection of toxic, explosive and asphyxiant gases. Detector Ltd. develops and provides reliable gas detection solutions for various facilities including ATEX-certified products for explosive atmospheres. Gas detection with real-time data enhances the safety.

Detector’s products take environmental considerations into account in both material selection and maintenance. Within 40 years of experience Detector has gained a position as one of the leading gas detection companies in the Nordics. In addition to Finland, Detector operates through a dealer network covering Sweden, Iceland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ukraine, Poland, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates.

Recently published MagiCAD Cloud product library from Detector includes gas detectors and controllers. The products contain naturally exact dimensions and all the necessary technical data in consistent format. As the products support the level of detail (LOD), the MEP designer can choose the preferable detail level in the geometry model of a certain product.

All the products are fully MagiCAD certified and directly available for MagiCAD users.

“The best solutions are created in co-operation. We have taken this into consideration by creating an extensive co-operation network in order to provide the best possible customer experience. Working with MagiCAD will now help us better meet the needs of designers as well.

Sini Maunu-Carrion, Development Director, Detector Ltd.


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