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EFFI introduces practical climate panels on MagiCAD Cloud

EFFI manufactures climate panels, which are innovative water ceiling heating and cooling systems intended mainly for large non-residential spaces. These panels are tailored for high-ceiling rooms and they are perfect for regulating temperatures in various environments such as production halls, warehouses, gyms, and offices. EFFI has received requests from Nordic customers to have products as BIM objects available for designers, and we are now very excited to welcome EFFI as a new manufacturer to MagiCAD Cloud.

EFFI publishes its BIM object database on MagiCAD Cloud for the EFFI CUPRUM and EFFI FERRUM product series. EFFI’s BIM objects are available for MagiCAD for AutoCAD, MagiCAD for BricsCAD, and MagiCAD for Revit.

EFFI FERRUM climate panels represent a modern water ceiling heating and cooling system tailored for high rooms in non-residential premises. The climate panels can be equipped with thermal insulation or other features, which makes them ideal for diverse environments including production halls, gyms, warehouses, car maintenance, supermarkets, etc.

EFFI CUPRUM active ceilings incorporate copper, aluminium, and steel components, catering to various spaces such as offices, educational and medical facilities, commercial hubs, public areas, shopping centers, airports, and train stations. By seamlessly combining heating, cooling, and ceiling functions, EFFI CUPRUM modules integrate effortlessly into suspended ceilings or can be freely positioned indoors. The system regulates temperature effectively in both heating and cooling modes, compatible with standard heat and cold sources. Module sizes are designed to align with typical suspended ceiling dimensions, ensuring discreet installation and complete concealment within the suspended ceiling, offering versatile application. They provide superior comfort, minimizing drafts and dust movement while maintaining an optimal temperature without the need for maintenance. Notably, EFFI CUPRUM enhances energy efficiency, reducing temperature control expenses by an average of 30% compared to conventional air heating and conditioning systems.

“Our goal, in partnership with MagiCAD Group, is to ensure engineers the utmost convenience in using our equipment and its seamless integration into modern projects.”


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About EFFI

EFFI LLC commenced the production of ceiling water climate panels in 2015. Their products are now installed in over 500 locations across several countries. The production facility is based in Ukraine.

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