BIM Object Modelling and MagiCAD Cloud

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Do you need BIM object modelling? We have over two decades of experience in 3D product modelling for AutoCAD and Revit platforms, and we are especially focused on mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP) products. Modelling is done accurately based on the products’ physical appearance and dimensions, including precise collar lengths and all other needed information that enables designing for BIM.

BIM objects modelled by MagiCAD enable the designers to run integrated engineering calculations of the MEP systems which is a critical step in the BIM process. Once modelled, our BIM objects are always inspected and verified by the manufacturers before they are published on MagiCAD Cloud.

BIM object modelling


Accessing the MagiCAD network of MEP designers

Users of MagiCAD software for MEP gain immediate access to all the BIM objects we model. MagiCAD offers access to the world’s leading application for MEP design within Revit and AutoCAD.

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Desktop users in 80 countries • Cloud users in 190+ countries

Expanding your reach with MagiCAD Cloud

When delivering your products as Revit families on MagiCAD Cloud you can expand your reach to standard Revit users worldwide. We ensure that your Revit families are always up-to-date. Once the Revit families are created they will be updated automatically into the latest version of Revit. We support up to three latest versions of Revit.

Additionally, you can also share your products as DXF files and expand your audience even further. Your products can be then downloaded directly from MagiCAD Cloud. We support all the current versions of AutoCAD.

With 300.000 unique users, the possibility for branded pages, on-page widgets and usage analytics, MagiCAD Cloud is the perfect platform to deliver your BIM object families to the MEP designers everywhere.

  • Branded pages
    Branded MagiCAD Cloud pages are personalized for your company and show only your products. They are an easy and efficient way to share your BIM objects to your customers by linking from your own website.
  • Widgets
    Widgets offer the possibility to integrate MagiCAD Cloud content on your own web pages with your own style.
  • Manufacturer Hub
    The Manufacturer Hub gives you access to basic MagiCAD Cloud Analytics. Activate MagiCAD Cloud Maintenance to access the Manufacturer Hub and get an overview of the usage of your products on MagiCAD Cloud, MagiCAD, and Manufacturer Apps.
  • MagiCAD Access Management
    The MagiCAD Access Management enables our manufacturer customers to manage their company’s user rights and roles within MagiCAD Cloud services and Manufacturer Hub. Sign in or contact MagiCAD Access Management support.
  • Analytics premium
    With premium analytics you gain access to real time data about your products’ usage in MagiCAD Cloud, MagiCAD and via plugins or selection tools. With easy-to-use filtering options you can sort out the information that is important for you, for example the number of views, selections and requests of products with detail of day, week or month up to 3 years. Numbers are sorted by channel (MagiCAD, MagiCAD Cloud, MagiCAD Selection tool or Plugin), platform (AutoCAD or Revit) and country of access.
  • Database Connections
    MagiCAD Cloud can be connected with your product information management (PIM). This means that your online BIM object library in MagiCAD Cloud will automatically update with product data from your PIM system.

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Branded pages

Do you need a BIM platform to market your MEP products? Branded pages in MagiCAD Cloud are a personalized way of showing manufacturer’s own products in a functional online catalogue that is easy to share.

BIM platform for MEP products

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Level of detail (LOD)

We recommend manufacturers to serve the designers with adjustable Level of Detail (LOD). It describes the geometry detail level of components in BIM model for different phases of a project. In early phase of a design BIM object serves as a place holder. Once more detailed geometry is needed, the LOD can be changed to provide that. Highly detailed and accurate geometry with product information is also available for preview.

Level of Detail (LOD)

Top 5 things to consider when acquiring BIM object modelling

What are the basic requirements for BIM object modelling? What makes BIM object intelligent? Is BIM object modelling something you could do by yourself, or should you outsource it? In our recent blog post we shed light on things that you should take into consideration when acquiring BIM object modelling.

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