ETS NORD empowers designers with innovative MagiCAD Plugin for SILENCERiQ


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ETS NORD empowers designers with innovative MagiCAD Plugin for SILENCERiQ

We are excited to share that ETS NORD has published MagiCAD Plugin for SILENCERiQ. The new MagiCAD Plugin allows users to insert silencers from the SILENCERiQ web application into MagiCAD for AutoCAD, MagiCAD for Revit, or standalone Revit. The plugin works with the latest MagiCAD and Revit versions and it supports multiple rectangular, circular and bend circular silencer product families.

ETS NORD has developed SILENCERiQ selection tool keeping in mind the needs of designers. With the SILENCERiQ, designers can find the most suitable product from ETS NORD’s wide product range to set ventilation noise to the desired level. It is user-friendly and a fast way to find correct products with easy calculations.

Before inserting the products with the plugin, draw and balance the duct in design project. This is necessary because SILENCERiQ MagiCAD Plugin sends the duct dimension, airflow, and sound data to the SILENCERiQ web application. These values will help SILENCERiQ web application to suggest compatible silencers.

Download ETS NORD plugins and their detailed instructions from MagiCAD Portal.


ETS NORD is a company that specializes in providing complete ventilation solutions. They operate in Finland, Estonia, and Sweden. The main activity for ETS NORD is to design, manufacture and market high-quality and innovative products and solutions for ventilation. ETS NORD has 475 employees, and because of their deep experience in the industry and their chosen partners, they are at the forefront of developing, innovating, and ensuring quality in ventilation products.

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