FM Mattsson joins MagiCAD Cloud with professional mixers


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FM Mattsson joins MagiCAD Cloud with professional mixers

We are delighted to share that FM Mattsson has joined MagiCAD Cloud. FM Mattsson’s professional mixers can be found in many public buildings such as Arlanda, Landvetter, and Kastrup airports and hospitals like Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden and Children’s hospital in Perth, Australia. Even the British Antarctic Survey in Antarctica is equipped with FM Mattsson’s products.

Frost Matts Mattsson founded FM Mattsson in Mora, Sweden, 1865. The company started out conducting local manufacture and sale of bells, buckles, pastry wheels, lice combs, and parts for traditional Mora clocks. Today they manufacture and sell high-quality mixer taps with functional designs for the global market.

FM Mattsson’s products are sold by professionals, for professionals. Recognized by high technology, quality, and reliability, it has contributed to the strong position of the brand and the epithet of being the professionals’ choice. The products are based on proven solutions with market-leading technology such as soft closing, ceramic seal, pressure-balanced thermostats, UV LED cleaning, and connected mixers.

The company is keen to contribute to sustainability and is doing that by producing modern environmentally friendly mixers with the highest energy efficiency rating. For example, their products offer a cold start function to save hot water. When a mixer with the cold start function is turned on with the standard position of the lever facing straight forward, it only supplies cold water. The hot water is only activated when the lever is moved to the left of the centre line. This prevents users from wasting hot water and allows them to comfortably use it only when necessary.

FM Mattsson joins MagiCAD Cloud with the product series 9000E. 33 products are now available for designers as intelligent BIM objects in MagiCAD for AutoCAD and MagiCAD for Revit, and for standalone Revit and AutoCAD users all over the world.

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About FM Mattson

The FM Mattsson brand, founded in 1865, is the market leader in Sweden within professional mixers. It is well established in other Nordic countries and represented in several countries in Europe. FM Mattsson is part of the FM Mattsson Mora Group. The company’s head office is in Mora, Sweden, where all FM Mattsson products are designed, manufactured, and assembled.

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