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The recently published Blücher MagiCAD Cloud Selection Tool is an easy-to-use product selector for Blücher drainage devices. When Blücher’s Senior Business Developer for European Drains, Mr. Gert Siekmans visited our head office in Finland, we had the opportunity to talk to him about BIM and their on-going project with MagiCAD.

What is the role and importance of BIM in Blücher’s strategy today and in the future?

“At Blücher we put a lot of attention to BIM, as we like to call it “BIMportance”. As BIM constantly becomes more and more important in the construction business worldwide we want to stay ahead of the game and offer our customers well thought BIM solutions that meet the actual demands of the markets. For us it is not just one-time consideration rather we follow the markets constantly and evolve our BIM strategy according to it.”

What was the reason behind your decision to make a MagiCAD Selection tool for Blücher products?

“There was a clear demand from the market. We already had our products available in MagiCAD and in other product libraries but we wanted to take a step forward and provide our customers with a smart solution for easier selection of our products.  Our focus is on our customers’ needs; what they want; how they work and how we can help that process by providing them with the right tools.”

“We put a strong emphasis on how our products are shown; how they can be used and selected to a project and that gives us improved visibility which differentiates us from the others.“

What were the key factors that made you choose MagiCAD as your BIM partner?

“Blücher has a strong presence in the Scandinavian countries and to reach and serve our customers in that specific market area, MagiCAD is the natural choice.  With MagiCAD we will reach not only the customers that are working with MagiCAD but also the ones who design with standard Revit.”

How would you describe working together with MagiCAD?

“Throughout the whole project, we have worked closely together with MagiCAD’s production team. We see it as an essential factor that we as a customer are in the core and steer the project together with MagiCAD to gain the most efficient workflow and in the end – a successful end-result.”

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