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MagiCAD Product Data Specialist Jarno Järveläinen introduces electrofusion fittings, a new addition to our ready-made pipe series, and explains how they help solve a common design issue.

Electrofusion? No, we’re not talking about the next revolution in dance music, but about something even more exciting: pipe fittings.

What is electrofusion?

To borrow from Wikipedia, electrofusion is “a method of joining MDPE, HDPE and other plastic pipes using special fittings that have built-in electric heating elements which are used to weld the joint together.” Essentially, pipes are inserted into the electrofusion fitting and the built-in electrical heating coil inside the fitting will fuse the two components together. Hence, electrofusion.

Compared with traditional connection methods, using electrofusion fittings may take a little more time on site as the pipes need to be first heated and then cooled down. However, the method produces strong and reliable joints between plastic pipes and the technique is easy to apply.

Electrofusion pipe series in MagiCAD Cloud

We have made a new EN 1555 electrofusion pipe series available in our MagiCAD Cloud BIM platform. This is the first complete standard pipe series with electrofusion fittings. The new series joins almost 100 ready-made manufacturer and standard pipe series available for designers in MagiCAD Cloud.

MagiCAD electrofusion pipe series in MagiCAD Cloud

Solving design issues with electrofusion fittings

The problem of designing fitting-to-fitting connections is, well, maybe not old as time, but certainly old as Revit. As flanges can only be connected to segments, connecting two fittings with flanges is an issue that every piping designer has come across at some point. With the electrofusion product series, we offer a potential solution.

Picture of fitting to fitting connection issue  Picture of resolved fitting to fitting connection

Also, to make sure the benefits of your design are carried over to the final installation, all electrofusion products can be included in a Bill of Materials, which is used as the basis for product orders.

Serving our customers’ needs with MagiCAD pipe series

With our own ready-made pipe series, we are always looking to ease designers’ workload and to enable better quality models. When you use the ready-made pipe series in MagiCAD Cloud, there is no need to search for different fittings for each situation as this work has been done already when compiling the pipe series.

Having worked on the electrofusion products, I’m excited we finally have our pipe series available for designers. I can’t wait to see and hear how people use them.

Visit MagiCAD Cloud to view the electrofusion pipe series.