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Climecon Tuisku.X MagiCAD for Revit plugin is a Revit add-in application that integrates the Tuisku.X web application and user-friendly product selection tool into MagiCAD for Revit and plain Revit.

Climecon’s high-quality louvres are designed to prevent snow and water from entering the intake air ducts. Tuisku.X product range consists of snow, rain and outside covers with mounting. The new plugin allows easy selection and sizing of the products and inserting them to MagiCAD for Revit or plain Revit project.

Climecon Tuisku.X MagiCAD for Revit Plugin

After input parameters are selected in the plugin, Search covers -button shows list of products which match the search criteria. The selected object imported to the Revit project using the plugin carry data on dimensions, sound levels and pressure differences based on user-defined air flow values. In case more features such as material, paint or connection method are required, the user can select them on the product page and those are carried over with a product code.

Climecon is keen to develop and offer convenient selection tools and plugins to better serve the needs of HVAC designers. Same kind of plugin is already available for MagiCAD for AutoCAD / AutoCAD platform. There are also Climecon Vent.X and Huuva.X selection software available for air diffusers and hoods.

Download the new plugin from here.

About Climecon

Climecon is a leading Finnish manufacturer of high-quality ventilation solutions with over 30 years of experience. Climecon’s product range includes hoods for professional kitchens, ceiling ventilation systems, supply air devices and exhaust air diffusers, and gas phased air filtration solutions. Climecon selection tools and plugins for Revit and MagiCAD offer reliable tools for professional use build on their expertise on sound technique and ventilation.

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About MagiCAD plugins

MagiCAD plugins are used for connecting manufacturers’ product selection and calculation software with MagiCAD, with the option of also connecting with standard Revit and AutoCAD. The MagiCAD installation package comes with the MagiCAD Plugin Manager, which helps users to install plugins directly from the MagiCAD user interface.

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