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We are excited to announce that a new manufacturer has joined MagiCAD Cloud: Grad-in. Grad-in AB has over 25 years of experience in heating solutions. We are happy to have new heating radiators at MagiCAD Cloud, available for designers as high-quality BIM objects.

Grad-in is one of Sweden’s largest suppliers of heating solutions with one of the Nordic countries’ largest stocks of panel radiators. They supply heating solutions to projects of all sizes, from houses and apartment buildings to offices and other public buildings. Grad-in has supplied their high-quality products also to Økern Portal, which is one of Oslo’s most innovative buildings and familiar also from our whitepaper Energy-Efficient Buildings for a Sustainable Future.

The new BIM objects at MagiCAD Cloud consist of heating radiators and fan coil units with hundreds of different variants. The product database includes panel radiators, vertical panel radiators, trench heaters, and several types of convectors.

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About Grad-in

Grad-in AB was established in Varberg, Sweden, in 1993. The company has since grown to one of the largest high-quality heating solution suppliers in the Nordic countries. They supply heating from floor to ceiling to private and public buildings of all size in Sweden and Norway.


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