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IV Produkt has published a new plugin that allows easy importing of air handling units into Revit. The manufacturer has noted the growing importance of Revit in the Nordic countries and they are keen to provide IV Produkt Designer application benefits also to Revit users.

IV Produkt is one of the Nordic countries’ leading producers of cost-efficient and environmentally friendly air handling units, AHUs. IV Produkt invests a lot in developing products that save energy, environment, and money. IV Produkt is not only focused on saving scarce resources, but also keen to serve their customers in today’s modern requirements.

Few years ago, we published a plugin for connecting IV Produkt Designer AHU selection software to MagiCAD for AutoCAD. IV Produkt Designer is a product selection software developed for the air handling units. The plugin allows easy selection and editing of IV Produkt air handling units and importing them into a project with accurate dimensions, codes and other technical data for complete calculations and bills of materials.

Now, riding on top of the Revit wave, IV Produkt is offering a plugin that allows transferring air handling units between IV Produkt Designer and MagiCAD for Revit and plain Revit. We are delighted to share this news for the Revit users.

Download the new IV Produkt Revit plugin from here

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