Key features in MagiCAD 2020: Smart Move tool and Provision symbol selection


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MagiCAD for Revit

MagiCAD 2020 brings extensive new functionality for MEP design in Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD environments. The new release totals over 190 features and improvements for both platforms combined. Here are two of the key features in the new version.

Change elevation offsets with the Smart Move tool

The new Smart Move tool in MagiCAD 2020 allows you to change elevation offsets for selected parts of a network. You can move existing objects to a new elevation based on other objects’ offset or manually enter the new offset value.

Modifying offsets for existing network segments improves modeling productivity considerably as designers do not need to delete and redraw segments simply for elevation changes.

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Select multiple 2D symbols for provisions

The new version of MagiCAD allows users to select different 2D symbols for provisions for builderswork openings according to drawing or provision type. This improvement makes it possible to clearly indicate provisions in plan, elevation and section views and to also convey information on the provision type in the drawing itself.

Builderswork openings are design elements that generally affect multiple project parties and require cooperation in planning and execution. The improved accuracy provided by provision symbol selection helps eliminate confusion and misunderstandings ensuring a smooth BIM process.

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