Key features in MagiCAD 2020: Copy and connect network branches and Updated wire routing tool


MagiCAD Group

MagiCAD for Revit

MagiCAD 2020 brings extensive new functionality for MEP design in Autodesk Revit and AutoCAD environments. The new release totals over 190 features and improvements for both platforms combined. Here are two of the key features for Revit environments in the new version.

Copy and connect entire network branches

MagiCAD 2020 allows ventilation and piping design using entire network branches. A branch can be copied, reoriented and then connected to an existing network.

The possibility to use larger sections as design elements directly enhances modeling productivity and quality.

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Updated wire routing tool

The wire routing functionalities have been completely updated in the new version. Intelligent functions, such as routing previews, route alternatives and automatic wiring between devices speed up electrical design.

Additionally, new presentation modes and smart drawing tools improve the overall electrical design experience.

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