Lining joins MagiCAD Cloud with sound-absorbing drainage components


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We are happy to share that MagiCAD Cloud is once again expanding, and we welcome a new brand Lining into the MagiCAD Cloud. MagiCAD Cloud hosts high-quality BIM objects from well over 300 international MEP manufacturers. HVAC manufacturer Lining joins this reputable group with drainage components, because they see that MagiCAD is the most used software in their field.

In buildings, the bottom corner of vertical sewer is often the point that causes the loudest noise from wastewater flow. Lining bottom corner is a ready-made sound-absorbing part that not only reduces the noise but also simplifies and speeds up installation on site. Due to its light weight, the product can be installed by just one person. The bottom corner is available in sizes 110 and 160, and it is made of galvanized or stainless steel.

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About Lining

Oy Lining Ab is specialized in technical solutions for clean and sewage lines and plants. For over 60 years their operations have been based on reliability, efficiency, and innovation. Oy Lining Ab is part of the international technology and industry business group Indutrade, which includes more than 200 companies in about 30 countries, mainly in Europe.

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