MagiCAD 2020.1 patch available for MagiCAD Ventilation, Electrical and Room for AutoCAD


MagiCAD Group

We have released MagiCAD 2020.1 patch which resolves the following issues in MagiCAD Ventilation, Electrical and Room for AutoCAD.

Room – Performing Save, Calculate and Update Texts functionality resets air exchange rates

In MagiCAD 2020 there is an issue with room air exchange rate values. Using the Save, Calculate and Update Texts functionality to update the project resets all the air exchange rate values to 0,1 1/h for all rooms in the project, regardless of whether users have defined a different air exchange value for the rooms or not. Since the functionality will save the updated project, the only option to correct the values is to define them again for each room in the project. This issue can be fixed by upgrading to MagiCAD 2020.1 patch.

Room – Using q50 or n50 value disables the transfer air temperature setting

In MagiCAD 2020 using a project specific q50 or n50 value for defining the building infiltration rate incorrectly disables the transfer air temperature setting in each room and sets the temperature to the outside temperature. This causes issues when calculating heat losses for rooms where the supply and extract air flows are not in balance and transfer air should be taken from an adjacent room. Installing MagiCAD 2020.1 patch will fix the issue by enabling the setting.

Ventilation – Duct components are not drawn to correct elevation in section views with multiple storeys

In order to create a section view with multiple storeys, users often create a new drawing and import the files of different storeys into it. However, when creating a section view of multiple storeys, the duct component symbols, e.g. flow damper, fire damper and silencer symbols, are not drawn to the correct height level. Upgrading MagiCAD versions 2019 UR-2 or 2020 to MagiCAD 2020.1 patch will fix the issue. This applies only to the duct component symbols in the ventilation module. All the other components and devices are drawn correctly in section views. Also, symbols in section views of the original single storey model drawings are drawn correctly.

Ventilation – Issues with air device collar length

Air device collar length cannot be defined during product installation, but only afterwards with the Change Properties functionality or by using Part Properties. MagiCAD 2020.1 patch resolves the issue by enabling the collar length field properly in the air device product selection dialog for applicable devices.

Electrical – Selection disabled when running Update Circuits or Update Devices

When selecting circuits or devices to be updated the checkboxes marking the selection are not visible in MagiCAD 2020. Installing MagiCAD 2020.1 patch will fix the issue.


You can download the installation package either using the Check for Updates functionality integrated in MagiCAD, or alternatively, from the MagiCAD Download Portal.


The installation process is easy. MagiCAD Installation Wizard will guide you through the installation process.

If you experience any problems during installation of the release, please contact our support.