MagiCAD 2020 Network License Server Update


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MagiCAD for Revit

Customers with existing MagiCAD Network Licenses must update their network license server to version 19.05 or later before installing MagiCAD 2020 for AutoCAD or Revit.

Click here for network license update instructions


What are the benefits of the new network license server version?

From MagiCAD 2020 and network license server version 19.05 onwards MagiCAD licenses can be maintained on the same work server as Autodesk Revit or AutoCAD licenses. This is beneficial for future updates as it simplifies considerably the update process. Previously, customers needed to maintain MagiCAD licenses on a separate server, which made updating more complicated.

From a technical standpoint, the new license server version employs Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6), which enables having MagiCAD and AutoDesk Revit or AutoCAD licenses on the same server. Previously, this could be done but it required extensive configuration work and firewall adjustments and could still occasionally lead to conflicts where connection to the server was lost.

A second improvement with the new license server version is increased stability with Windows 2016 servers. The current server software has stability issues in Windows 2016 server environments and may sometimes perform unnecessary and repeated reboots.

The third major improvement is easier monitoring of license use. When licenses are borrowed from the server, the new version adds both the computer name and user name to the license log, whereas previously only the computer name was used. Including the user name makes it much easier for companies to identify where their licenses have been used